Your pocket/keychain flashlight?

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abbazaba wrote:
Macka17 wrote:
And he. YUKKKKKkkk. Drives a Toyota thingy…..

That dual screwdriver tip item on ring is neat.

Comes in handy just like the flashlight when youre already crammed under a desk and need to remove a PCI card or similar.

Not sure I get the Toyota hate?

I’ve been leasing Toyota Corollas since 2009 . Never once had a problem with any of them. I used to be into fast cars when I was younger. Now I’m into cars that don’t break. I know I can get from point A to point B without getting stuck on the side of the road.

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Our family owns a somewhat older Corolla.

It is very reliable, but if we were to get into a serious wreck, the car wouldn't suffer much damage, but the occupants would.

Other than that, it's a very nice car for the money.  :THUMBS-UP:

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I love my Tacoma