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nice to see you posting again, even if only for brief. Smile

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Glad to see you around if even just to say hello. I for one thank you for a few of your wonderful driver designs which are keeping my pocket warm! Thumbs up bud!

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Nice to see you around…even if it is for a little while! Smile

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Thanks for your contributions.
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Welcome back!
Glad to know you’re around.

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We’re honored with your presence and I’ve learned from you already.
May peace, happiness, and a bright future be yours.


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Welcome back!

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Hope you stick around for some time yet. Love your driver mods! Smile

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To help wight please dont make his stay to enjoyable as he may want to hang around when he knows he doesn't have time to spend here. Smile


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Hey Wight, Happy New Year!
To help me remember what is what in my builds, I try to engrave my lights with the driver and UI inside. Many (most) have your “W” on em, as well as an accompanying “TK”. MTN has his share too. Smile

Here’s to hoping you and yours are well and good. Cheers!

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Great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and yours.

We're still assimilating much of what you contributed to the hobby when you were active here.

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Welcome back Sir!!!

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That puts a smile on my face DB. Big Smile ImA4Wheelr, I’m still absorbing a lot of that stuff. Wink It’s nice to be back and “see all the friendly faces” bugsy36.

Still fine, still on a break. One day I’ll catch up with you folks! previous wight catchup Wink
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Like this, got quite a few with that little copyright in the corner…