Fenix TK61 - Need someone to mod it for me

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Fenix TK61 - Need someone to mod it for me

Well I pulled the trigger; blew $130 on what I hope will be the most bada$$ thrower that I’ll be able to get my hands on anytime soon. Being that this is the “budget” light forum, I can tell you that $130 is a hunk of change to be spent on a flashlight (buyers remorse maybe? :~ )

Anyways, I’m wanting to mod this. I had originally thought about doing it myself, however the mods I want to do are beyond my ability right now. I need more practice de-doming and stacking resistors before I try it on “my precious” my very expensive light Big Smile . So I’m looking for someone to mod it for me, who has experience in de-doming and stacking chips (for a fee of course).

Here is what I’m looking to do:

  • Stack a R030 as seen here
  • De-dome the emitter
  • Change out leds to thicker wire gauge

Anyone interested? (must be in the US)

Do you guys recommend any other mods?

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Ill do it for u i have about everything here except maybe the R030