Torchy 14500s

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Torchy 14500s

Would these be suitable for an sk68 clone?

I was planning to buy efests but the torchy ones are higher capacity and I’ve dealt with him before.

Also, will button tops still fit?

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Every SK68 clone is a little different from the last one.

The ‘Torchy’ guy does give quite a lot of good information if you page down on that Ebay listing.
Never heard of ‘em but I’m in California so that’s no surprise.

The picture says “Soshine 14500 AA” — searching on that might help in comparing what you get.
The shrinkwrap with the custom label gets added on afterward, but I don’t think Soshine is an original manufacturer either.

So, I don’t know anything about this and can’t help much. Someone who knows something will be along soon …