12V trunk lights

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12V trunk lights

I have spent some time looking for a replacement bulb with more brightness for my trunk, but it occurs to me that i could hardwire a strip of lights as long as the wattage is not too high, it provides more then 100 lumens and ideally has its own fuse i think it would be very useful. Can anyone link good ones (not uncertified no name ones)

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I haven’t bought from leddynamics, but they have the best variety I’ve seen (vehicle models clearly identified, and several choices for color and brightness of the replacement LED).
Not cheap, but not terribly expensive. Flat rate shipping to encourage you to spend more (grin). I’m still pondering whether I want to check out a shopping cart there to replace trunk, map, and dome lights.

My habit with all LED lights in my vehicle is never to have the LEDs turned on when I start or stop the engine, as I’ve read that an alternator “12v” system can have amazingly high voltage spikes briefly on start and stop.
So far haven’t burned out the existing aftermarket LEDs I have in there — but they’re all cool blue white and boring. I’m inclined to replace them with amber.

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spikes wont be much of concern in the trunk, it will only be lit, with car parked, and may be idling.

I have seen people use strip lights for trunk, 12v led strips are in abundance and they are cheap.