Review: Callie's Kustoms 18650 High Discharge battery

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xxllmm4 wrote:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you confirmed some of my results. I thought I needed a new multi-meter after testing some of my lights!


I just wanted to make this clear the new Callies Kustoms 2250 Battery is an IMR Battery. I had stated it was was a standard lithium battery. Some of the Panasonic sales literature was very vague.

Later press releases have confirmed it is in fact a "Nickel Manganese-based cathode"


The Panasonic CGR18650CH is not an IMR cell.  It is a hybrid Chemistry cell (like most modern cells are these days).  It has Nickel, Manganese, and Cobalt in it.  A true IMR cell (the M in IMR referring to the cathode material -- Manganese or Mn) will just have Manganese and will not have a hybrid cathode material.

Also another obvious way to tell it is not an IMR cell is the recommended voltage cutoff which is 3v.  All other "IMR" cells usually have a 2.5v recommended cutoff.