FS : LED centering rings / positioning / insulating – made to your specs (CLOSED)

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I hope you two get together with the Cometa and figure out what it needs.
Looks to me like it needs something around the LED as well (I posted a few examples from AliExpress and Intl in the Cometa thread, there are lots of insulating gaskets out there, but hard to tell what’s appropriate for this hardware.

As my first sysop, from the 1200 baud days, told me: I hate hardware. If it wasn’t that I need it to run software I’d never touch the stuff.
I just wish Toykeeper’s code controlling light could be invoked by handwaving and chanting, I guess

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Hoop, are you still produce these rings?

I need 3030 with reflector opening of 6mm-ish for GT micro 

EDIT: now i saw it’s closed Sad

WTB Titanium 4sevens 2xAA tube

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nofearek9 wrote:
hoop do you still make those ?
LinusHofmann wrote:

XML2 led to fit KD 86mm reflector (again black if possible)

Quantity: x2
Led Cutout: 5mmx5mm (XM-L2 standard)
OD: 26mm
Reflector Hole Diameter: 19.5mm
Thickness: 1mm base + ~2mm lip

Notes: Continuous circular lip. No cutouts for solder balls required, no fancy outer shape, circular is fine.


i would like similar ,BUT for XP-G2 led.

i know group buy is close and topic is OLD ,but need centering ring for KD 86mm reflector with OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG led ,any place i can ….