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Xhp 50 & 70

i got an xhp70 and xhp50 from mouser and 2 mcpcbs from mtn/Rmm, the mcpcbs say they are for xhp70's. I'm wanting to clarify wether or not the 70 pcbs can be used with the xhp50's? 


also I was under the impression that 70's were 4022 lumens but the packages say they are actually like 17/1800 lumens. can someone explain what the differences were and if I got the wrong things? 


Was as planning on running them 6v, but if I have to to get more lumens i have a host that is good for 4x 26 or 18650's I could use to feed one @ 12v, no reflecote save the extra c8 optional reflector I got with my xintd's. They throw better than stock xintd reflectors but .... Anyway looking for advice, what would you do? I'm kinda out of my gourd not thinking straight because of some major family problems so ISO opinions thanks!

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From mountain electronics he could let you know .


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I might have a light I can tear apart for the xml noctigon actually, if it will work.


still ISO wether or not i can get 4k lumens from the xhp 70....or if I need to buy another one.

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If you look at the initial specs here

Size7 x 7 mm
Product Options6 V 
12 V 
Maximum Drive Current4.8 A (6 V)
2.4 A (12 V)
Maximum Power32 W
Light Output4022 lm @ 32 W
Typical Forward Voltage5.8 V White @ 2100 mA (6 V)
11.6 V White @ 1050 mA (12 V)
Viewing Angle120 °
2- 3- and 5-Step EasyWhite®
Thermal Resistance0.9 °C/W
Reflow SolderableYes - JEDEC J-STD-020C-compatible
REACH compliantYes
RoHS CompliantYes
UL recognizedYes - Level 4 Enclosure Consideration

you see that it does 4022 lumens at MAX 4.8 amps, but when you go look at the data sheet, it shows figures at 2100mA. Cree does this with all their emitters. They post their MAX amps and then they use about 1/2 of that as "Typical". In other words, they want buyers to run them at lower amp draws, so that the leds safely exceed the recommended life span. Idiots like us are the only ones pushing for 2x MAX amps and having fun with them. If you push the XHP 70 to 5 amps or more, you will get your 4000 lumens.

As far as reflectors, I think if you did some searching here, you would have already found that smooth reflectors usually do not work well with any four die leds. All of the four die leds work best with a reflector that is either coated with an OP-Orange Peel finish, or is manufactured with some type of multi faceted surface. Your smooth reflector will end up showing a black X in the center of the beam, or a white X with a black outline. The X is the space between the dies, projected in the beam. OP and faceted reflectors eliminate that X because they reflect in many different directions at once and tend to smooth out the center spot, at the cost of throw. 

XHP 50 and XHP 70 leds are not meant for throw. Small single die leds work well for throw, but large die, like the MT-G2 and multi die, like the XHP series, are not meant for throwers.

Use the XM-L mcpcb for the XHP 50. It is the same footprint. No need to make or sell a special one, unless you want 12V.  I cannot tell you to use 12V for the XHP 70, because RMM offers 6V only and 12V mcpcbs and you did not specify which mcpcb you bought, so only you can decide if you can run 12V or 6V.

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XHP50 uses an XM MCPCB if you're running in 6V configuration, but needs a special MCPCB for 12V configuration. 

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