Great experience with Everbuying! Courui D01

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Great experience with Everbuying! Courui D01

I ordered a Courui D01 on 04/27/15 and it was delivered to my door(California, USA) in flawless condition today. That's from order to door in 12 days! I paid $31.04 with the new customer 10% off discount plus $1.62 insurance and another $2.99 for tracking. Total was $35.65.

Strongly recommended. The shipping method they used for my order was called SF Express. I did pay the extra $2.99 for tracking. I had originally ordered this flashlight 3 days earlier but forgot to add the extra $2.99 for tracking. When I asked them about that the immediately gave me a full refund and said to reorder the flashlight with the options I needed.

I have also had dealings with there customer service department and the experience there too was coherent and timely. I really like this company so far. It is my first purchase from them.Smile

I hope that they remain consistent. This company called Everbuying seems like a great alternative to GearBest, from whom I have not had good luck with.