Optics for a single XHP70

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Optics for a single XHP70

Hello everyone, my name is Thomas Kaeding. I am new to the forum and would like to say hello. I am setting up a single XHP70 on a 20mm star pcb heat sink, driven by a b3flex driver by TaskLed. It’s end purpose will be a strobe beacon. My goal is a 180° beam. The optics sit directly on the star PCB. I’m not able to connect the +\- wires because the bubble optics completely cover the 20mm star. Help

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It's possible to drill through the wire pads on the mcpcb and stick the wires up through and solder flush to the pads. It's difficult, but not impossible. Also, you could look at Copper nails or Copper pins with heads on them, to use instead of the wires. Just drop them in the holes, solder them on the pads and hook the wires to what sticks down through and use shrink wrap to cover them.

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