New LightsCastle-Weekly Guessing King Campaign,get products for free .

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New LightsCastle-Weekly Guessing King Campaign,get products for free .

Dear BLF

At first,let us make an apology for our old account "Lightscastle"meet some problem.

It is blocked because of some mistakes by wrong operration.

One of our new come colleague wanna delete an post but he "Marked as Spam"by himself.

That makes a huge problem for us.

Our page can not be find now.We have contacted with the admin.Hope it will help us sovle this problem.

As we can not see our page.We do not know the result about Round5.

Please give us your answer again.

This is our mistake.We are really sorry for this.

Now let's begin the game "Guessing King"

Products photos:

It is a Small and easy to portable ultra bright Mini LED light.compact and light weigh.can be use on both desk and bedside table, or to go out. feeling so convenient. its soft shade, avoid the direct LED light shine, more effective protection of eyesight. its flexible body Suitable for all occasions,Compatible with powerbank,Can be connected to the PC USB port.


1.Portable USB LED light

2.Can be use on any where,powered by any devices with USB port

3.Unique bendable design,also has light weight

4.Ultra bright with low power consumption

5.Rated voltage: 5V

6.Rated power: 1.2W

7.Material: Silicone

The top 3 persons who have guessed the closest price with our sales price will be the winners. For winners who share ideas about the flashlights, tell us where you share it via and we’ll give you a $5 cash coupon which can be used for purchasing any item in our website

Winners of each round will be announced the  Wednesday on BLF and are required to send us a PM about your address so that we can dispatch you the item.

Good Luck for you.

Keep going ,next stop—>LightsCastle
Email: or
Official Skype:lightscastle

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Round 5: $4.87


By the way, here's the old thread:

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Words can be broken,
so can bones.

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4.87 USD

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USB LIGHT "flexible".

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$4.87 sounds good Wink

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