Greetings from Hungary

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Greetings from Hungary

Greetings from Hungary!

At first: Good to see a forum about budget flashlights!

I learned german language, that's the reason why my english is so terrible:o) I'll try to write a few lines about me in english:

I am a 30 years old logistics technician, from Hungary. I study on correspondence course mechanical (maintenance) engineering in a university. I "collect" flashlights since 3-4 years. The most flashlights in my collection are "budget flashlight" , but i have some "expensive" flashlight too. (For me expensive everything over 100$). I modify often my flashlights, but my soldering skills is so terrible, as my english:o)

My whole flashlight mania started from necessity. Me and my Father are hunters, and we looking something that replace our incandescent flashlights.  3-4 years ago, in Hungary nobody offers LED flashlight, tactical-flashlight and so,,,,,I found on the net "the famous" stores from Hong-Kong (DX, KAI...) that was the beginning.

I like the modular flashlights (upgradable), P60 hosts, 1x18650 throwers, and budget "chinese" flashlights. They are cheap for modding... (I don't like  " modding" a flashlight over 100$, but sometimes....:P
Now i have a couple Ultrafire and his "brothers" brands. For example: 502B,D, C308, 606A, 504B, C1,C8, WF-500 Xenon, Aurora WF-600-800,V-65C, HF-802, Spear Clone RQ some AA, AAA.......... and a few qualitative: Tiablo A9, Solarforce L2M, Fenix TK etc.

In Hungary we have terrible Customs Law. If you order a Package outside from EU, that cost more then 100$, you must pay duty and tax. (sometimes 10-15% duty + 25% VAT, )  Unless the customs declaration contain "Gift", or the value is "under 100$". For that reason, i prefer those sellers, who send package as "gift" and so....

Sorry for the terrible english! I hope you understand my english.
(Translated by me and the google)
Congrats again for the forum! I hope this will be the "BudgetCPF"!:o)))

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Welcome aboard, and your english is fine, please post pics of the lights you have as im sure most of us would like to see them.

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Aloha and welcome EvoX!  Smile

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Welcome to this forum EvoX

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Hey there EvoX, sorry I missed your introduction the other day.  A warm welcome to BLF!  Enjoy your stay here! 

And your English is excellent by the way.  It's amazing to me that anybody besides babies manages to learn English, it's quite a strange language.

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sb56637 wrote:
It's amazing to me that anybody besides babies manages to learn English, it's quite a strange language.

Nah, I'm happy my first language is Polish... try learning that one.

OK, I guess Hungarian is even more challenging Big Smile Which reminds me... welcome, EvoX!

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My native tongue is Scots - which is rather a lot like English but not normally intelligible to non-native English speakers or native English speakers from England. the syntax is pretty much the same, but the vocabulary is rather different. Very determined efforts were made to stamp it out in the 18th-20th centuries and some of the stronger dialects I find hard to follow. If you want a straightforward language, try Afrikaans or Flemish which are very much the same language.


In Johannesburg in the mid-80's, most Afrikaaners thought I was speaking Afrikaans because my accent sounded similar to theirs. It usually took a while till they realised I was speaking English. If it is spoken slowly, I can usually figure out what is being said and can read it more or less. Many Flemish and Scots words share the same ancestry. Also, like Boers in general, I have a very short neck. A proper Boer has a dent in his chest where his chin goes.


Which is a very long way of saying


Welcome EvoX


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