Klarus rs11 rews by DH89

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Klarus rs11 rews by DH89

Hello guys today I present the new version of Klarus RS11 kindly sent by http://www.klaruslight.com for testing by the German store http: //www.schiermeier. biz / Klarus-Light / Klarus-RS11-II / Klarus-RS11-ii.html

The RS11 Klarus already left some time ago, is updated with the latest LED Cree xm-l2 u2 from cool white color, the new system of buttons, the new look of the body and the charging system with battery Klarus.
Here are the specs:
• UI interface: High / Medium / Low / Strobe;
• Working Voltage: 3.0V – 8.4V;
• Compatible Batteries: 2x CR123A / 1× 18650 (18650 battery with protection PCB), to use the magnetic charging cable, use only the battery Klarus Relevant.
• Reload: Input: 5 V; Output 4.2V / 500 mA Max;
• Charging time: 7 hours;
• Color: Military gray;
• Reflector: Textured orange peel reflector;
• Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass;
• Dimensions: 160mm (length) x 35mm (Dia. Head) x 25.4mm (body);
• Weight: 160g (no battery);

The torch arrives home in the special box Klarus, attractive and with all the specifications printed above.

A window lets us see the torch to have its preview before you remove it from its case;) where we will find inside:
• The torch with inside the battery special Klarus
• Instruction Manual
• O-ring and wrist strap
• Custody of excellent workmanship
USB magnetic charging cable

We pick up the RS11 and we can break in two main pieces that are:
•Body: the color very attractive, this gray military than the usual black. My model, under the gray tint, sunlight has a delicate shade of violet.
Anodizing from a good feed, not slippery and seems to resist well to shocks.
The materials are as always of high quality and give a sense of strength, the precise machining and clean. The lettering is barely perceptible to the touch but high precision.
The fillets are fluid and come well-greased, the OR and generous in size and as the only one that allows you to not allow water to get inside.

The thicknesses here too generous allow to have an object from the great solidity throughout its length, but a relatively light weight and a little unbalanced on the front because of the big head that houses parable, led, circuit and keys.
Inside the bottom, we see the spring contacts gold plated, the pbc hosting the charging circuit, to ‘external instead of the usual button cliky we find a magnetic base shaped annulus (the end of the good geometry;)) with around a transparent band, within a Color Changing LED and it indicates the charging red, with the green 100% charge.
The steel clip fits well into its groove and remains close to the body, thus preventing accidental loss and good portability clothes.
Thicknesses and fillets

Contacts End Cap

•Battery Klarus : Samsung cell 2600 mah protected with the distinction of having both the Positive and Negative on both sides, a good innovation that could prevent input errors polarity. Obviously the size of all components makes it difficult to create a larger capacity (at least for now) and recharging may take place only with a battery charger suitable.
What are supplied and a USB cable of about 80cm with plug Magnetic good bill, stands up well the whole weight of the torch, including battery if left “hanging”. We can then reload from PC, mobile phone or charger plug adapter specific to the machine

• Head: We find a ring in steel with a matte finish that prevents reflections, functions as evacuation hammer and protects the anti-glare glass with transmittance of 98/99%, the parabola in aluminum with LOP (light orange peel), and the LED XM-l2 perfectly centered.
The crown can be removed to accommodate various color filters or the speaker sold separately, or the strike bezel which in my opinion seems exaggerated for a torch not just tactical.

There are several cooling fins that perform the job well, between these there are the two keys staggered from each ‘other to find even in the dark, the black key allows the ignition while the orange activates the strobe momentary. Are well wrapped by ‘aluminum but are much easier and push the rubber is soft to the touch but pretty tough to consume. On the opposite side there is the key engagement for the trestles standard SLR or digital cameras 1/4 UNC 20, useful for people like me photographing nature and wants a free hand.
This desing prevents rolling.

• Levels and Beam:

As we can see the levels are well spaced and allow you to have a range that can satisfy all tastes.
High of 930 ANSI lumens feels that the led and well driven by the driver who delivers about 2.8 / 2.9 Amp and the heat after about 15 minutes, stood at 40 ° C / 42 ° C runtime is true, on my model the battery full charge stops after 2h: 13min with a temperature of 53 ° c: twisted: (Environment 24 ° c)
Average 230 Ansi lumens useful for all common uses and runtime of 6 hours approximately.
Down from 5 Ansi lumens to not disturb the view too, the neighbors or tent. : 14: runtime of about 200h.
This torch produces a uniform beam and well-shaded spot between and spill, which remain visible up to 70m then become a ‘flood light output and given the good amount of light emitted can go away 254m (manufacturer’s data) with a peak of beam 16klux / m, which in real life and daily use are more than enough to provide good lighting objects at about 130m / 150m.
The color in my model does not present any kind of dominant, a nice coolwhite pleasant but not too cool.

Beamshots 10 meters from the wall . (Missing LOW level because it seemed to control.)

Beamshots 85 meters row of trees Predator 2.0 xpg2 hig setting.

Klarus RS11 xm-l2 hig setting.
Beamshots 150m

Predator 2.0 xpg2 hig setting.

Klarus RS11 xm-l2 hig setting.

Difference between the two light beams (predator SX – DX RS11)

• Interface : The UI is performed by the two buttons at the top, the orange button allows the strobe momentary, if held for three seconds remain active, and every 3 seconds varies the intensity of the flashing [fast -lento-fast] It can also be used while the torch is activated with one of the 3 levels, useful for signaling or for self-defense.
the black button with the logo Klarus instead cycles the mode HI / MID / LOW, allows for the temporary and even here if held for three seconds remain on the torch. To move to the next mode will hold another 3 seconds.
The torch of memory effect ‘level last used, only if we kept active for at least 4.3 seconds before.

• Conclusions

This upgrade RS11 I liked very much in terms of quality indeed as always by Klarus, workmanship and aesthetic quality materials, the accessories supplied allow you to have a flashlight ready. The type of charging can find many uses for both a professional for a regular torciaro but had also charged the normal 18650 was better.: 14:. One flaw is the interface a bit too much to learn and remember.
I would rather click and already have a flashlight ready without pressing the button for 3 seconds, so also for changing levels. It would sata faster and intuitive.
Limassol I give a 8.5 out of 10

Thanks for your attention.

love flashlight!

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Thanks for your review

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