XP-L High Intensity vs XP-L vs XP-L DeDomed

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I'm really look'n fwd to those V3 HI's.... I pre-ordered 5, should have done 10 like Dale. I always thought those XP-G2's ran hot, and the weird problems when de-doming of what seems to be effectively raising the Vf. I'm think'n Richard, you may get the V3's before us, just hope you have enough coming in to keep in stock for a while Wink. You got a good point bout de-domed XM-L2's, would be nice. Just hope CREE isn't abandoning the XM-L2 line in favor of XP-L's - seems like they are at least giving XP-L's some priority.

+1 bout the light pipes. I got the same blocking foam setups and the centering is pretty important. My conversion factor is 0.34, worked out with manxbuggy1. Still, these light boxes seem to have a phenomenal range for light sizes and low to high outputs, for what the light box is. Agree the IS of course would be great to have...