Thorfire C8s Review(one of the HQ C8 lights)900Lm Max output + New pictures of the pill(Removable)

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There are a zillion lights costing up to, and over a grand.

But. For what the normal person (even us idiots\freaks (chuckle)
NEEDS Not wants.
$100 ish MAX will cover our usage. and $50 covering 95% of them.
Most of my torches are UNDER $25. Some with coupons.
Most exxy a Imalent DN35 ($65 AUD Del on coupon $160ish full price)
2 x UF C8 with updated chips\drivers (Passable for friends)

S2\S2+ not bad with an XP-Hi chip in them.

And for walkabout only, (forget the screw out for pencil beam.)
I have a Haekelite HT08.Weird looking torch, then some. But on coupon Fair price.and gives great flood from your toes forward.
I use that. with a 2 × 18650 Battery headlight with XM-L2 cree in there for looking ahead. Together they work real good.
You don’t “really” need a forever thrower or blind everybody in front of you Spread, to be comfortable and safe on the tracks.

I’ve just bought a little U\Fire with side sw.
but mine had no names on it when it arived. Hmmm,
$6.50AUD del. Ordered a Cree 3x chip and Carclo lens to go with it.
They should??. drop straight in using current driver I’m told.

Just to try a triple head small torch. B4 buying a $40+ unit.
I can always drop Triple and carclo into alternate torch if it don’t work, so nothing lost (I hope)

I just wish some of these mfg’s would make more side sw torches
Us oldies were brought up on them. Rear sw are “weird” and awkward to us.
And PULEEEEEZ. LOW to Hi beams. Whatever where they thinking. Hi first.
Tactical maybe, BUT who. Really. uses tactical in real life?.
Maybe 2% of us. They’re all bloody dreamers.

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Ok, just got the Sofirn C8A that I ordered. I was looking forward to getting this after reading this thread and posting about my experiences trying to find a light like this (to replace one I had years ago that I liked) and how I’d struck out 3 times in a row buying cheap knockoffs. I was really hoping I didn’t get another one like the garbage I had bought before. Well after just trying this out in my garage (it’s not even dark outside yet but fairly dark in the garage), I must say,


I’m super impressed with the light output of this guy. The other 3 lights I bought are now hiding in shame, scared shitless of this new bad boy. I haven’t even tested the modes yet and will do some outside light testing tonight. Just by looking down the reflector, the LED on this light looks over twice the size of my previous junk lights. This is the flashlight I was looking for! Thanks to this thread, I got pointed in the right direction. This light surpassed my expectations and well worth the price I paid for it. I’m going to have to buy a couple more of these guys.

Edit: Testing more in the dark outside and down the street and holy crap martha. You’ve heard of a max overclock on your computer cpu? Well the boys over at Sofirn overclocked the shit out this thing. Makes me kind of question the longevity of this light a little, and I doubt there is going to be much run time on full blast but hell, gimme the light baby. This does just that. You will be able to tell who has one of these walking down the street at night. He will be wearing shades.

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Try the C8F . More flood. Good throw.

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Liked this light so much, I ordered another one, this time the C8T. Just got it today and took it out tonight to give it a go with my C8A. Hit another home run. The lights are pretty close. Both bright as hell with the C8T having a bit more throw and a more whiter tint in comparison to the C8A (which is a bit more slanted towards the yellow). These are now my main two lights. They are everything I need and want in a light. At full tilt, they both get pretty warm pretty quick. These lights don’t mess around. More power than I need most of the time but it’s sure damn nice to have it when you want it. What a deal for the price I paid for these. They will light up the whole damn block, throw out as far as I need, and like turning on a light switch in a dark room. The only other light I’ve seen that’s as good a deal is this one Three LEDs using 3 batts but a damn good light and deal also, with the added bonus of having a weapon to hit someone over the head with if you needed to (if the light didn’t blind them, I still got a club). Over the years I’ve paid over a 100 bucks for a flashlight. Never again. Now I kick myself in the butt for ever having done it (and I’ve done it more than once). No more wallet draining lights for me, too many good cheap ones out now to choose from.