Four prizes, four winners giveaway...4 WINNERS IN POST # 93, 118, Final result in post 127

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I would like that the winner would be one of the many helpful, kind and polite people that posts in this forum.
Because its helping each other that really drives the interest in this forum. And I must say I am really amazed by all the positive and polite dialogue in this forum Smile

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Me win, never won anything before:-)


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I hope an enthusiast of modest means wins.





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HKJ, so that he can test the powerbank. Wink

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I would like to see ATBGlenn winning some of these prices Smile
Why? Long-time poster on this forum with good input and great pics on various good deals over the net.

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I think everyone should have an equal chance to win.

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I think M4DM4X should win because I’m new and that’s the only member name that quickly comes to mind.

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I hope that pick someone who winnin the prize would make happy because he can not afford this nice items (and there are many folks that can not) but would like to have them.
Thank you for the giveaway friend & GearBest.


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I’m in. IF (!) I win anything, ship the price to O-L.

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Me win. Never won before.  If I win, I will giveaway another ReyLight. (TLF version)

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I’ve been lurking here for awhile and finally signed up. I think you should win tatasal. For putting this whole thing on, and from what I’ve seen everyone else here should too!

Just a Great bunch of people with a common interest at heart.

Cheers! Party

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He provides the benchmark detailed reviews that power this obsession.

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I vote Dr. Jones for his awesome drivers and firmware. Next choice Toykeeper for mad skillz in firmware for all the group buys!

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Old-Lumens wrote:

Too many good members to pick, but I will go with our Admin. SB, for hosting a place for us to be ourselves.

I second that motion. Is there any discussion? Hearing none, motion carried. [strikes gavel]

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Fritz t. Cat

His post’s about cheap flashlights are well done.

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Its good to be open to everyone. If I don’t win its ok because someone my need it more than me. Thanks.

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I would like Rufusbduck to win for arranging the group buy for LD-2 designed by led4power!

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I am in and I think SB should win something he has poured time effort and what ever else he has to this forum.

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i want Nightbird95 to win.
A true noypi, matulungin (helpful). Smile

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akoposilester wrote:
i want Nightbird95 to win. A true noypi, matulungin (helpful). Smile

Thank you Lester but I already had my share of giveaway winnings and five came from BLF:

1. Various (too many to list) flashlight and electronics parts from RaceR86 in June 2013;
2. SkyRay UV SR-5 with Redilast protected 2600 mAh 18650 from DBCStm in July 2013;
3. X6 Bike Light with Super Driver from Ledoman in September 2014;
4. Revant Optics 24K Polarized Replacement Lenses for my Oakley Monster Dog from Racer in December 2014;
5. Olight SR 52 Intimidator from the most generous BLF member I know in January 2015.

All these encouraged me to try flashlight modding and convinced me to help my fellow flashaholics near my place for free because I got these items and learned my modding skills from BLF also for free. Smile

Now back to Tatasal’s question as to who should win these great giveaways, I think it would be great if:

1. All active BLF members who did not win anything yet would have a chance to get them;
2. All my mentors (they may not be aware of it but I learned a lot from them) like Old Lumens, Tom E, HKJ, RaceR86, Vinh, RyanSoh3, DBCStm, AlexGT and many others would also be given a chance to win them;
3. Of course SB56637, The Admin, would also be given a slot for the win for taking good care of this place for us. Smile

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i think I’ll win cause im Defaltzv1

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In case my post is not the winning one, I would like to see HKJ win. His review of the Opus BT-C700 was instrumental in my decision to buy one this month. I've got my first set of Eneloop Pros on a 3-cycle refresh now.

By coincidence, I purchased from GearBest! Thanks for the giveaway.

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I want the next person to post after me to win!
Good luck everyone.

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Am I wrong to say I would like to win? Having said that I would also like HKJ to win for effort he puts in with his reviews.


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A lot of guys here are rigth to win, they are all very nice people Smile

If I’ll will win, i’ll pick Xtar Sirius :bigsmile: (or the powerbank too :bigsmile: ) my flashlights/knives/gear video reviews my dark comics

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Everyone should win Smile (Next time you should make a 500 item giveaway Big Smile )
Thanks for the giveaway!

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There are some really good comments. Since I can’t compare, I’ll say I would like my son (three years old) to win, so I can teach him about flashlights.

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Dr. Jones should win for his driver and firmware contributions.

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I wish people with bad GB experience to win.