cheap power bank diy case

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cheap power bank diy case



while there are a plethora of diy power bank cases that take 1amp input/output ..are there any out there that can utilize 2 amps input ?

1amp for 5 cell diy box powerbank is too slow.

it should be cheap. 

i have below one at 3.56 US$ Free shiping and it takes only .7 amps in and .7 out .











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Be aware that the claimed power output is often a lie with no-name chinese power banks. Especially cheap ones.

Also poor quality output may read as 1amp or 2amps but spikes in the output can slowly damage your devices. Components that receive spikes above what they can tolerate do not usually die instantly, instead they accumulate more and more damage over time until they finally fail.
Because of this a junk power bank can appear good. “It didn’t kill my device and it shows 2amp charge rate!” But months later your device may die and you won’t even realize what is actually to blame.

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I’ll be cheap, and that will be the only thing going for it.

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