I'm the new one

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I'm the new one


my name is Christian and I’m from Germany, so precautionary sorry for all the spelling error i will do.
I’m reading a long time in this forum without registering because my English is not as good as I can write qualified comments.
For now I have to register because I really want to be part of the GB for the BLF A6, I hope that’s OK! I hope I can contribute some useful things to this nice community despite of my poor English skills.


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Welcome! Beer

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Your English seems good enough to me. Welcome aboard.


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Welcome! The english is fine, but it can be tiring to not write in your own language. (I will be signing up for TLF one of these days, I have the same trouble with german).

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You're going to love it here, Xian!


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Welcome aboard Xian Smile

Don't worry about your english here.  We are fortunate to have members from all over the world.  We speak flashlight.  When I first joined, I could barely understand half of what I read here.

Are you a member on TLF?  I have visited it a couple times using Google Translator.  Really good forum, that TLF. 

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Your English writing skills seem fine to get your point across. There are some people I have a lot of difficulty reading their posts. Your post wasn’t perfectly written, but it was close enough to not matter.

The grammar police don’t visit BLF much, and there are lots of members from all over the world here. You’ll fit in just fine, welcome to the community.

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ImA4Wheelr wrote:

Welcome aboard Xian Smile

Don’t worry about your english here.  We are fortunate to have members from all over the world.  We speak flashlight.

Nice one! Beer

Welcome to BLF Xian, we’re glad to have you. And don’t worry at all about the language.

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Welcome to the BLF family, Xian!  Your English is much better than my German.  Big Smile