DavidEF 2000 post Giveaway! Winner has been selected!

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DavidEF 2000 post Giveaway! Winner has been selected!

It seems only a little while ago, I had my 1000 post giveaway. My, how time flies! Or maybe, just my rambling has caught up with me! Shocked I’m nearing 2000 posts now, and it’s time to give something away again. This time, I’m certain I have something everybody will love! On the way to me are four of the BLF A6-SE group buy lights. One is already spoken for, and of course, I want to keep one myself, but that leaves a couple unspoken for. So I’ll offer one of them up to you guys. I have two tints on the way – 1A and 3D. The winner will get to choose which one he/she/it wants (can’t exclude raccoons and meese).

Ummm…. rules. Uhh… I guess we’ll keep it simple for this one. Just have to have been a member as of August 23, 2015 (yesterday). Post in this thread. I don’t care what you say. A simple “I’m in” or even a “I’m not in” will get you in the contest. :bigsmile: Winner will be decided randomly by a Random.org drawing some time after my 2000th post.

A couple things: I haven’t yet received my package(s), so it will be after that, however long it takes. But, several others are already getting theirs, so I have hope that I’ll see mine soon. Then again, I’ll be taking a trip from September 3rd through 8th, so unless I get my package this week or very early next week, it won’t be until after the 9th probably. That should give you an idea of the timeline, more or less. As of this post, I have 1940 posts to my name, so there is a slight chance it could take even longer, if I don’t post much between now and then. We’ll see!

Contest rules and conditions may be subject to change at any time and for any reason. But, I’m not that flaky, so they probably won’t. 8)

Edit: Well, I just realized that I never said anything about international shipping. So, this isn’t really a change, but an addendum. If shipping to you would cost more than the price of the light (which includes shipping from banggood) then I will probably go the cheaper route and buy another light and have it shipped to you. If that won’t work for any reason, we may have to make other provisions to reward the winner somehow. I will try to be as fair as possible. Smile

Update 08-31-2015:

I got my four lights today in the mail. Two guys at work found out about them and each bought one from me (already gave me money). I currently have two of each tint – 1A and 3D. Since I promised the winner of this giveaway would get to choose tint, I’m going to give one of those guys a 1A and the other a 3D. They will have to decide between them who gets what.

Here’s the deal. One of the 3D lights has the o-ring sticking out a little in front of the rim of the reflector, under the glass. It doesn’t appear to be in front of the beam. Since those two guys paid for their lights, I won’t give them this 3D. I’m also not going to try to take it apart and fix it (some other guys found that to be a futile effort anyway). So, that means that the winner of this giveaway will have to choose whether to get the 1A without the o-ring issue, or the 3D with the o-ring issue. The other 1A and 3D are taken.

The lights all function as designed. There are no issues with modes or anything (some other people are having serious issues with theirs). These are good lights overall. The gift box is nice and feels like velvet. Blushing The clip is already attached to the light and there is a lanyard in the box.

I haven’t reached 2000 posts yet, but I’m working on it! Wink However, I’ll be leaving home in a couple days and will return a week later. The drawing will have to be after that. So, there’s plenty of time for people to enter, and to decide which light you want if you win. For the internationals, if you win and you are in a location where it is cheaper for me to buy you a new light rather than ship you one I’ve already got, just know that I have no influence over quality control for these lights! Maybe we can work something else out if you don’t want to play the lottery. 0:)

Update 09-14-2015: The drawing has been done, and the winner is #74! Congratulations Firelight2! Party Please decide which tint you want and give me your address so I can get it mailed to you!

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Hmm, at first I thought you were doing a real quick re-gifting !
Congrats on nearly 2000 posts Sushi

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DavidEF well done on soon reaching the 2k milestone. You’re on record pace for post count.

I’m in. Although I have a 3D on order I’d be keen on the 1A if I was lucky enough. Smile

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Super Nice of you, David!

I’m in!

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Thanks mate,

Count me in, man you got there real fast….

At the rate I’m going, I’ll struggle to make 500 posts…. Shocked


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raccoon city
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Congrats on the quickly-increasing-post-count!   Smile

Keep it up and you'll out post me by St. Patrick's Day.

DavidEF wrote:
The winner will get to choose which one he/she/it wants (can’t exclude raccoons and meese).

Well in that case, I'm in.   Wink

(Thanks for the giveaway.)

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In too, your post count goes up faster even  than mine! Surprised, I hope that the forum is as enjoyable for you as it is for me Smile

And a nice prize! It is greedy of me to join this giveaway because I have 2 BLF A6 lights underway (5A tint). But the light is just too nice, and I may just do an extra mod on it and re-use it for my next givaway.

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I already have a 1A on its way… 3D would be great!

Count me in!


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2K is a lot of posts! You get a #pre2kpost congrats!

Its a Tint toss up for me!

I am in!!

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I’m in?

I see I just hit the 2k mark myself, but I took a bit longer than you did… Unfortunately, I don’t have anything worth gifting at the moment. Tired

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Congratulations for your 2000 posts and thanks for the giveawey Big Smile

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Fast you.  I'm 2 years "older" than you, but I have only 1100+posts.

Anyway,I'm not in, pls dont random me. haha..

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I’m in. It’s very nice of you to do this.

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That's weird, I thought you making a giveaway 2-3 months ago, so at least 300 post per month? That was really fast! hehehe

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I’m in.

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I’d like to see what happens :bigsmile: I’m in!


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Congratulations on your 2k post.
I always tell my wife that flashlights are not an expensive hobby, because I win them all the time. I might actually win a light, for a change. So I’m in.

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Congratulations on your coming 2000!
“I’m in” or “I’m not in” ?

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I’m in, thanks.

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It takes active posters to keep a good forum alive. I am actually looking forward to getting to that point one of these days.

I have the 5A tint ordered, will be ordering the 3D tint and may not order the 1A. Would be bright, but I hate cool whites.

I’m in for this and the 1A since I likely will not order it for myself.

Thanks Matt

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Congrats on the 2000 posts! That’s a lot of stuff to type! Count me in!

Aspiring Fhashlightaholic!

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ta Smile

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I’m in. Thanks.

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Congrats on nearly 2000 posts Party
I’m in . Thanks for the chance!

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congrats on the 2000
i’m in
thank you

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I’m not not in

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Still waiting for my NW A6 too so put me in Smile

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I’m in for a 3d