[23-SEP-2015] Avoiding group buy "price wars"

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[23-SEP-2015] Avoiding group buy "price wars"

Hi everyone, I’d like to address an issue relating to group buys that has arisen from time to time.

First and foremost, many thanks to all of the hardworking people that tirelessly negotiate with vendors to offer fantastic deals to BLF members. They are very much appreciated!

From time to time I receive private messages about what could effectively be termed “price wars” over group buys. Again, I’d like to preface this by saying that I’m thrilled to see that vendors are taking notice of our buying preferences and are working with some of our members to offer exclusive prices for BLF members. That’s all well and good, and I applaud healthy competition.

But if you are organizing a group buy or have arranged for some other exclusive BLF deal, please be careful to not provoke a “price war” by posting links to better deals in other threads where a different user might be promoting a similar product at a different price. I won’t go into more specifics or lay down hard and fast rules. But just try to go by the spirit of the following guideline for commercial sellers:

  • Please DO NOT post about your company in other threads unless users specifically request information from you.

It’s true that a group buy organizer might be able to arrange for a better price (which he is free to post in a separate thread), but BLF users are usually capable of finding the deal on their own without any hints being dropped in a competing thread.

Also, even if a slightly better price can be obtained for a given product, before posting it ask yourself: “Is this deal significantly better than the already existing one?” “Is it really worth invalidating the time and effort that another user has gone through to create a similar group buy?” “Could my deal be perceived as a hostile bid for business?”

Thanks in advance for reading this and making adjustments if necessary to promote a friendly, relaxed atmosphere here, together with great deals on fantastic flashlight products that will benefit all of our members. Have fun!


EDIT: This topic turned rather controversial, which is why I am locking the thread. Please don’t point fingers at anybody else. Please just take an honest look at your own behavior and attitude here on BLF relating to group buys and commercial interests. If you need to make any adjustments, please do so. The large majority of our users are just here to enjoy their free time, so please make sure it’s enjoyable for them. Thanks!

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