In-depth vid review: Manker Quinlan T01 Compact Thrower (XP-L HI | 1 x AA / 14500)

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turboBB wrote:

Bingo. While the ANSI FL1 was a step in the right direction to help standardize flashlight specs, they are not perfect. IMO, the Runtime Chart is more valuable in helping one determine the true performance of a light. SureFire claimed 400lms for their M3LT (last SF light I tested) and they are generally respected for being honest about their claims but just look at that runtime chart:

Sure it's 400lms but not for a meaningful amount of time. 

I feel that all mfg's should start publishing runtime charts for their lights. This would leave no doubt as to the true performance above and beyond the published specs.

I've never really looked at a surefire before. Granted it was 2012, but there's quite a few subpar features on those flashlights with such premium price tags.


I agree with having runtime charts, lots of good info can be obtained from a very simple chart.

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Simple question,

What 14500 battery to buy to get the most out of this light?

Post a link if possible. I’m in the USA btw….



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Updated review to include add’l vid on accessing the hidden Engineering Mode that Manker disclosed in this thread

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thanks for that additional video. My light doesn’t have the pre flash. But my light doesn’t also have the one button click to moonlight.