WINNERS DRAWN!! Will34's 3rd Year & 1K Posts Giveaway - 3 Lights!

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WINNERS DRAWN!! Will34's 3rd Year & 1K Posts Giveaway - 3 Lights!


Sorry for the delay guys, I was really busy with work and wasn’t able to put time into this givaway.

Now lets get this GA back on track: I picked the winners tonight, and for the sake of fairness, I made a video instead of screenshots:


Winners are:
1st: MountainKing #64
2nd: AlexGT #83
3rd: wedlpine #67

1st winner PM me with the light you choose, can be any of the 3. 2nd and 3rd winner will have to PM me the prizes in order of preference.

I hope you have enjoyed this GA, I don’t have much luck myself and have never won anything from anywhere but it feels good giving something away Smile .

Please have in consideration I may not be able to ship the prizes until January next year, December is the busiest month of the year and I have to spend lots of time in my business, not even time for mods!


Seems like I’ll be reaching 1k posts quick and at the same time it will be my 3rd year of being here (as a registered member). I’m very happy to be part of this community and since I’ve learnt so much from you it’s time to give some back. Party

Prize will be 3 different lights! The 2 nitecores were part of my mod list due to an very small details but I realized I have too many pending projects, so you may mod or keep them as you like.

  1. Nitecore HC50: fully working, but self discharge is too high for my liking. Mint condition.
  1. Nitecore EA4: same as above.
  1. Big prize: Trustfire 1504 fully built light with an XM-L2 U4 16mm Noctigon, 17mm FET driver, mcpcb soldered to pill, spring braid mod and improved focusing using a custom size o-ring. It was fun to build, has crazy throw but zoomies aren’t really my kind. Practically new.

Rules are simple, everyone has a chance to win any of the prizes, first winner picks first and so on. You must be a registered member before 9/Nov/15 and reply in this thread. Winner will be announced 18/Dec/15 or even sooner so stay tuned.

Note: I’m only able to ship these lights to CONUS because of the bad post service in my country. Shipping elsewhere would cost more than the light itself and it could get lost.

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Let me be the first to congratulate you on these milestones.
And also congratulate the lucky members who will win these magnificent lights.

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I'm in! 

though im not CONUS (more like POTUS) -my cousin lives in Florida, so he could bring it home to Denmark ASAP cuz' he's a fast MOFO.

Congrats! Wink

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I’m in-and grateful for anther great opportunity Smile

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I’m always in for good lights!

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All of those lights are nice, thanks for the give away…I’m in.

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Not Conus, but congrats to upcoming 1k anyway! Smile

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I’m happy to join! Please count me in and congratulations on your upcoming milestones!

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Thank you for your generosity. I would like to participate in this giveaway.

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I would like to be included in the giveaway as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

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I’m in.


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Sounds good to me, I’m IN! :bigsmile:

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Congrats on the 1000th !   Love these GW's.

I'm in...THANKS !

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Please count me in for this generous offer. Thanks!

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I’m in! Very nice lights there.

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In thank you

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I’m in, thanks

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Congrats with 1000 posts and thanks for being part of this nice community! (but not CONUS)

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Please do count me in…

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In, with conus address

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Congrats will. All the best for the next three years. Tongue Out


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I would like to be in as well, thanks!

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Thanks will34.


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thanks for the give away…I’m in.


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Congrats to you and a big thanks.
I would like to be in.
Nice lights!

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congrats and always love any light, please count me in…

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Thanks Will34.

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I’m in for your generous giveaway, will34. Thanks for the chance and let me say may you have many more posts and modifications to come.

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Thank u for ur generosity! I’m in pls…

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Congrats! Too bad I’m from Germany :/

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Umm.. Yes I will participate.