Found: $1 LED light bulbs at Dollar Tree

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if these are the sunbeams, yes they do have a nice tint, slightly warm daylight

i got a bunch about 3 years ago when my dollar store had them at 2/1$ (possibly subsidized by Georgia Power or the state)
they worked fine til they didn;t
now 3 years later about 30% of them have passed away
they got flickering fever and died

still the price was good even at 30% early death


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I’ve been very pleased with the $Tree bulbs.

I can remember when they were hard to find, then available in only 1 brightness (“60 W”, 800 lumen).
Individually, I’ve seen FEIT, Sunbeam, and one other manuf.

When I got lucky and visited right after they had stocked up, I grabbed a whole tray – I still have half a tray of that set in boxes. I buy ‘em and leave them when we go visit the kids.

Now, anytime I am in the store, they’ve got 60’s, 75’s, 100’s… I don’t remember by I haven’t picked up additional brighter ones – might be as they’re not the “Warm white”. I love the warm version, and think they must be high CRI – they’re very comfortable to work under, read by. And with the low power consumption, I don’t mind filling every available socket with them. The room I use for my home office has them in the overhead, and on the desk. I have one of the aluminum shield “clamp on” fixtures from Lowes/Home Depot, and I fitted that socket with a two-to-one socket splitter, so I’ve got two 800 lumen bulbs in there, used as a wall washer. Lots of very pleasant light.

Those of mine that have passed on got the flickering death also. I saved them to do a tear down, but I never find the time.

Hm… I wonder how bad it would look to add two more two-to-one socket extenders to the overhead fixture? Four x 800 lumen bulbs…

I guess I should pick up some “100 W” versions, just for comparison. If I think about it next time I’m there, and they have “warm” bulbs, I may buy another tray.

Oh, one last: I have some old X10 controls, including a light-socket insert. They had problems switching, if the load wasn’t large enough – I couldn’t get them to switch a single LED bulb.
I have pulled all those out, and have some Wifi/IP controls instead, like a Leviton Decora DW15P single outlet plugin.
Much better control, individually programmable, don’t depend upon having a minimum load, and controllable from my home network.
I’ve got another 6 or 8 in-line wifi controllers that are on the shelf…
What happens to us that we buy great gadgets with great plans, and never implement them? Boxes of X10 controls, a shelf full of Sonoff wifi controls, and ESP32 wifi boards out the wazoo, and after unpacking them… never look at them again. :-?

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Has anyone seen the Mighty Bulb Dusk to Dawn Led Bulb? 60 watt uses 9W. L’image home products inc. Montreal, Canada. Bought four two days ago. Now all gone. No other DT’s in my area have them . They work very well in outside fixtures. Keep an eye out for them.