Gearbest has the camouflaged sk68s on sale for a few hours

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Gearbest has the camouflaged sk68s on sale for a few hours

1.99 all except the best looking one in my opinion.

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These are good “giveaway” lights, ordered a few for that and stocking stuffers…

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the emitters are quite blue though. I have a few from the August flash sale where they went for .10¢

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Bought 10 for Christmas gifts for at the office, thanks for the heads up.

Just hope they get here in time….. I ordered the BLF nichia 348 back in Nov 14th and it still hasn’t shown _

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Yeah, I have a couple… Keep in mind these have CW LatticeBright emitters and a hollow pill. Definitely not Cree or NW. Still a nice light though for what you pay.

Looks like the Blue-camo and the Digital Sand camo were the most popular sellers; those are the sold-out options…
And coincidentally, also the same two I had purchased previously.

I like these to gift to non-flashaholics as they are decent performers on an Alkaline…

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It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…