Zebralight SC5 SMO vs OP

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Zebralight SC5 SMO vs OP

What is the difference in lux/throw between the smooth reflector and the orange peel reflector?

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You’ll get about 10% more throw with the smooth vs. the OP. Some people have said the OP gives a smoother beam, but I can’t tell the difference. The SC5 head is a little bigger than the SC52 head, so you get a bit more throw out of it anyway if you’re used to the SC52 beam pattern. The SC5 is still plenty floody, though, even with the smooth reflector.

Great light! Probably my favourite. I got the neutral white version (SC5w), which gives a nice pure white beam, with no hint of green in it. My old SC52w shows a bit of green in the corona, so Zebralight seems to be using better tints lately.