Need help bad side button O Light S15 Titanium

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Need help bad side button O Light S15 Titanium

I have an almost new S 15 Ti that has only been used a few times. The blue side buton worked fine, through all modes and would also soft lock the light.

Today the button does not work properly. You must click it several times to light in low. U have to hold it down hard to move to medium and on to high. Then you have to click it rapidly to turn it off. If you hold it down hard, it will scroll L,M,H. I’m using a fully charged 14500 battery. I tested a AA when I first got the light and it worked fine.

Any advice please? Anyone have experience with O light warranty department in USA? I would have to pay to ship it back which doesn’t seem right since this was an expensive light.

Thanks in advance.