DB Custom's 10,000 Post Giveaway WINNER! Post 171 spamman!

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DB Custom's 10,000 Post Giveaway WINNER! Post 171 spamman!

Hello Family! :bigsmile:

For Clarity, The Winner Will Choose One Light From The 3 Lights Shown Here

As virtually everyone knows, Dale talks too much. Yes, it’s true. Has been for some 52 years. I am also getting cranky and quarrelsome and have most likely stepped on some toes and hurt someone’s feelings in the recent past. Unintentional, getting old, sick, becoming a grandpa… lots of reasons I could use for excuses but none of them are really legit so this is sort of an apology. [and specifically an apology to Josh for bustin his chops recently] And a chance for someone to win a nice light in a tradition of giving away lights that has existed here for centuries. (or since I joined anyway, even though we’re missing a lot of the people that started the tradition)

So, This giveway will be open to all forum members who were members as of this date. (Meaning I don’t want people signing up just to get a shot at this light) I’m going out on the limb and extending this to anyone that lives on the same big rock I do. So if it can be mailed to you and you joined before November 28, 2015, your’e eligible.

Why all the talk first? Well, it’s what I do! Silly And it’s a big light. Not necessarily a Frankendale light, but tweaked a bit by me all the same.

So here’s some of the fun, I haven’t decided exactly which light I will be giving away. A big light. Smile One of several I am considering, and worth some bucks whichever I choose to go with. I might even make it a winner takes his pick from 3 lights kind of thing. Yeah, that actually sounds cool, so I’ll go ahead and list 3 lights, will be getting some pics and specs on these later today, beamshots from them tonight.

Anyone interested in winning this 10,000 post giveaway can simply chime in and tell me I talk too much. Silly That simple really. I’m at 9552 as I save the reserved slot for pics and stats, how long will it take me to reach the big 10,000? Well, y’all know me…..

Drawing will be held on the day I make my actual 10,000th post, or as soon as someone reminds me I’m doing this immediately following that event. Wink

Ok, y’all made it this far, so here’s the 3 lights the winner will get to choose from.

1. SupBeam K40Vn

2. Nitecore TinyMonster TM16

3. Fenix TK-75

And for fun, I’ll give a modified DQG Tiny 26650 with an FET driver and ramping firmware to the first one that can guess my dogs name. :bigsmile: He’s a Yellow Lab and ornery as the day is long.

So join in, tell me I talk to much, and get ready to have a decision to make!

I’ll be back with some pertinent information…

Good Luck! Big Smile


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Folks, these are not lights that are sub par in any way, all are like new and really making the proton’s jump! These are favorites of mine and I don’t WANT to get rid of any of em, to be straight up about it. Each of these are stupendous lights, as you’ll see below. BUT, each of these came from another forum member, either given to me as appreciation for other work done or sold to me as a special deal. So they go back into the community they came from.

Some preliminary info.

The SupBeam K40 that’s Vinh modified is running like this on 3x Panasonic PD cells, fresh off the charger.

0.7245 lumens

377.75Kcd for 1229.23M throw


  • Throw distance
  • Runtime
  • Battery carrier is reversible, doesn’t matter which direction it’s installed
  • Lock-out in tail cap


  • De-domed XM-L2 tint shift
  • High and Turbo too close together, result of bumping output
  • Not sure I like a magnetic ring for mode selection

The Nitecore TM16 is pulling these numbers from 4 LG HE-4 cells, again fresh off the charger…

5.175 lumens

121.5Kcd for 697.14M throw


  • Output!
  • Tint
  • UI
  • Build Quality
  • Design Style
  • Anodization
  • Battery installation and tail cap, Nitecore style, pretty nice
  • Beam profile is surprisingly tight

*Enough parasitic drain to be bothersome if the light isn’t used much
*Doesn’t make coffee in the morning, but can keep it warm

***I Really Really Really like this light and am not sure why I listed it in this giveaway to be honest. (almost pulled it when doing testing, reminded of how much I like it) The other lights are far better, pick one of those. Wink

The Fenix TK75 is putting out numbers like this, with 3 Samsung 20R cells fresh off the charger at 4.22V

41.78 lumens
4326.30 (I know, right? :D)

145.75Kcd for 763.54M throw.


  • Fenix build
  • Style
  • Bumped output is ginormous
  • Tight beam, excellent throw from a triple
  • Battery carrier quality
  • Second battery tube/carrier can be added for additional run time


  • Fenix electronic switches can be finicky, operation is not consistently regular like most e-switches. This shows if in a hurry for the most part.
  • Proprietary mcpcb (triangle)
  • Plastic reflector (proprietary, base matches triangular mcpcb)
  • This one won’t make coffee either, dangit!

***This is an awesome large head triple, it was groundbreaking when introduced and still holds it’s own against pretty much anything out there, including the Quad TM16. The stock driver didn’t push it hard enough, but that’s been addressed. Wink I would have had HI’s in it by now but for that triangular base reflector. Could probably still do it, but it’s pretty dang sweet just like it is now. HI’s would increase throw considerably, might lose some output. De-doming would certainly lose the nice white tint. Mixed bag.

And for chits and grins, the DQG Tiny 26650 makes 6-1632 lumens with 9Kcd for 189.74M throw. Wink

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For goodness’ sake, Hush!

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As a recent joiner, all I can say is I appreciate the knowledge that you and everyone else here so freely shares.

So, thanks for ‘talking too much’.

As for the dog… Ole Yeller?


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Dale You really talk to much Cool.

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Dale, You talk TOOOOooooO mUcH...

Would love to get that TK75 ... Evil

Congrats on the 10K... and Count Me In !


ETA:  Great BeamShots!

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Count me in! I’m guessing the dog’s name is Jack? :bigsmile:

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You talk too much, and deciding could be painful for the winner.

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i rather enjoy your blathering on.
k40vn for the win!

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You talk too much dale and about the dog name maybe pumpkin Big Smile

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You talk too much and that is some milesstone you will be getting at Smile Thanks for the giveaway!

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Dale, you do talk a lot! Sometimes, however, that may not be a bad thing! Keep spilling your heart out in this forum, and we’ll keep a trained ear out for it! BTW, 10k posts, that’s gotta be a record or something!

P.S. I bet the dog’s name is probably Jake.

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You talk to much and I hope you will continue to do so! Congrats on upcoming 10k! Party

…and the dogs name is “Bravo”

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Hey, you talk to much…but we love it! Don’t stop.

Your dog’s name is Roscoe.

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I don’t know if you talk too much. But certainly type a lot and often Big Smile

But that’s no bad thing IMO.

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I’ll go with Max. Jack would have been my guess if others didn’t pick it first.

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Count me in. Rex for a name. About talking too much, I love to read. Smile

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You talk too much. Keep talking.

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Congrats, bet it’s Tex.

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shut up both shadow and dale!

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I’ve never seen such a Blabber Mouth, but it would probably be Boring as Hell here without ya. Wink

You say that your Dog is ornery – Then you must have named him Dale JR?

And now the waiting begins to see who wins… What? – About 3 – 4 days?



PS- Dale, You Talk Too Much!

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I wouldn’t normally say ‘you talk too much’ to someone but in this case…

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If you talk too much, a lot on here read too much. Tongue Out

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You don’t talk enough. I say go for 20,000.

I would guess ol’ yeller as well

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Hey Dale your yapper is always flappin and your flap is always yackin, at least you know what you talkin about though (usually) lol.

A lab named Buck?

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I knew I’d said the dog’s name before, guess I have to rename him Jared. Smile

JaredM got it first, Shadow is the dogs name. When he was a puppy he followed me around as though he were my shadow, so my son called him that… Daniel was 5 then.

SOOO, JaredM gets a neat little DQG Tiny 26650 that has XP-G2 emitters on 10mm Sinkpad’s and an FET driver with ToyKeepers 64 level ramping firmware.

With an Efest Purple 26650 it makes 5.97 lumens at it’s lowest, 1631.85 lumens at it’s highest. I don’t remember the emitters used, specifically, I’ll see if I can dig that up. They have a color similar to a Nichia 219 or a 3D Cree, nice neutral tint.

All 3 of these lights came to me from forum members. This particular DQG had the driver missing or blown, so I put the FET in it and redid the emitter mcpcb as it was aluminum if I can remember that right. The reversing ramping firmware makes it very neat, press and hold for moon, press twice from off to go directly to turbo. It also has last level memory, coming on at the level you last used wherever that falls on the ramp. I love this firmware, press and hold to go up.. ooops! that’s too much, press again to reverse. If you pause a couple of seconds the ramp will continue in the same direction till it reaches top/bottom.

These kinds of things sound complicated in writing, this one is super easy to use and get used to, which is why I love it. Smile

Jared, shoot me a PM and I’ll get this little DQG Tiny headed your way! Smile

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what’s up with all these people talking?
calm down and let me sleep

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In, because you talk too much, keep it up! Big Smile

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It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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How about a nice hot cup of SILENCE :bigsmile:
And greetings to Shadow!

Overkill is just about enough!

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Question is …has any of it made any sense ?

the dogs name is tucker

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