ENDED! Giveaway for Olight S2 Baton - 950 lumens by Olight Direct

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ENDED! Giveaway for Olight S2 Baton - 950 lumens by Olight Direct

There are prizes for Olight Direct again. Welcome to take a look at Olight Direct in US and Olight Direct in France

Another new arrival: S2 Baton.

Olight S2 Baton

Olight S2 Baton Cree XM-L2 LED 950 Lumens

Key features:
Cree XM-L2/U3 LED • Maximum output up to 950 lumens
4 Standard Modes: 950 Lumens, 400 Lumens, 80 Lumens, 10 Lumens
2 Special Modes: 0.5 Lumens Moonlight Mode and 10Hz Strobe Mode
Built-in Timer: 3 Minutes (Short Timer) or 9 Minutes (Long Timer)

To Enter:
Show a picture of your flashlight(s), and say something about it(them).

1 winner will be chosen by random.org – based on the sequence of entry.
Limited to one entry per account.
Closing: 23:59pm. Dec 17, 2015. PST GMT

List of Participants:
#1 unknown00101
#2 eebowler
#3 saypat
#4 raccoon city
#6 tech
#7 Patrickbateman
#8 M4D M4X
#9 s1m888
#10 Trevi_lux
#11 1dash1
#12 X3
#13 KiwiKane
#14 chenko
#15 tru3s1lv3r
#16 mapache
#17 wahoowad
#18 laythaws
#19 KeepingItLight
#20 bugsy
#21 AlexGT
#22 power911
#23 lichan
#24 freeme
#25 Captainvideo
#26 Kozy
#27 Gavstein
#28 Streamer
#29 alphazeta
#30 flashination
#31 Ig
#32 Ouchyfoot
#33 NikolaS
#34 Sirius9
#35 Buwuve
#36 djozz
#37 fyesilova
#38 magnadoodle
#39 kzrm316
#40 brad
#41 keengeorge
#42 diGGy
#43 Abqjohnny
#44 invisiblejules
#45 antiparanoico
#46 dthoang
#47 mattlward
#48 johnvilla136
#49 dk1aussie
#50 peabody
#51 BanglaBob
#52 Lfatman
#53 OscarM
#54 KramKram
#55 sandalian
#56 Ormbett
#57 KawiBoy1428
#58 scarnific
#59 argolite
#60 meperidine
#61 can
#62 saf99
#63 altblf
#64 g_sintornillos
#65 Aardvark
#66 MauiSon
#67 Bort
#68 piasca
#69 matg
#70 Nite Shadow
#71 Aardvark
#72 validum
#73 BlacktypeGR
#74 Vladimir
#75 SoulCraves
#76 PPDB22
#77 Chicken Drumstick
#78 gismoduck1978
#79 Wrathbringer27
#80 J-Dub74
#81 DMS1970
#82 kuoh
#83 Lilien
#84 Bc412
#85 ste-zo
#86 jpil
#87 takegure
#88 bguy
#89 Henk4U2
#90 viperbart
#91 thomashf
#92 JakeDjanitor
#93 mikid
#94 wedlpine
#95 kst
#96 Martini
#97 Jack Kellar
#98 akoposilester

Winner announced:

Olight Direct Store: bit.ly/olight-store

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Here's a sample of various finishes/Ano/Materials/Colors. I think the blues are my favorite. 

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Hi. This is a tail light I made because the expensive cat eye I bought disappeared and I refused to spend the $$ for another. The body is that of a convoy S2, with a 2× 7135, nanjg driver powering two, red, XP-E LEDs in parallel. I cut off 1/2 of the head and sanded the remainder of the head flat to match the level of the pill, which was also sanded flat. The driver is an old school, 20 mode version bought from dx a few years ago. It gives me what I think is a perfect 2 Hz mode for cycling and attaches to my backpack or jersey pocket with a small caribiner. The cone is stuck on with clear shoo goo Smile
 photo WP_20150316_001_zps2c4vb9p4.jpg

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Is this US, Canada and France only like the last one?

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Convoy S2+ shrunken down to an 18350 size.

raccoon city
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Convoy S3.

Not as good as Convoy S2 or BLF Special Edition Manker A6, but better looking.   Smile

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mapache wrote:
Is this US, Canada and France only like the last one?

Where are you located by the way?

Olight Direct Store: bit.ly/olight-store

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Brace yourself.. here is a photo of my “flashlights” There are a few Olights here, but not an S2 yet. would be cool to review and add a new S2 Smile

That Canadian flashlight guy & Lantern Guru -Den / DBSARlight

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not a fancy picture but my favorite light currently. It does everything I need! added a 380mA amc chip and pulls about 3.1A

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The great Convoy S3 i use on the construction sites i visit daily. ( 3 modes, simple, easy)

Here pictured with a sheperd and the very famous christmas manatee.

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i am sure the S2 fits perfectly into my EDCs

i do not work in "reviews, deals and codes" for the time being
maybe M4D M4X will return one day, but until then:


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This is my favorite flashlight, BLF X6 SE. I changed the led to a dedomed xp-g2 s2 1d and driver to FET + 7135 and now it is a pocket thrower. :bigsmile:

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The skin color is not important, these are my two favorite girls… :8)

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Nitecore EC11 with extension tube:

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My small flashlight collection Smile
My favorite is the brass one, nearly as compact as the TG06 but with 18650 inside !
A S2 baton would be a beautiful piece in this growing family !

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My personal channel (including Olight SR mini, S1, S2, S1A and S-mini disassembly)

M4DM4X blog, saves you $$$ 

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Family photo time guys! Big Smile

A family photo of my most loved and used lights, with special mentions to my favourites
Arrow Right The Mountain Electronics Supfire M6 Mod 2, BLF A6 Triple XPL shorty & the Eagle Eye X6 XPL HI 500m pocket thrower.

A Great bunch of flashlights to see in here already, Amazing stuff everyone thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the giveaway, and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all :santa:



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An older myth that made a piece of flashlight history, of which I had the luck to test and review a prototype of.

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Eagletac T200C2, the one I use and beat up without worrying about it.

Aspiring Fhashlightaholic!

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Ronald.F wrote:
mapache wrote:
Is this US, Canada and France only like the last one?
No. Where are you located by the way?

Thanks for including other locations this time.
I am near Melbourne in Australia.

My current EDC light, 3×7135s with a 1A emitter.

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Great giveaway! Here’s my current EDC – a little knife and an oLight i3s. I’m ready to step up to a bit more lumens!

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My Xintd X3, the biggest of all my flashlights and i like it a lot.

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 Count me in!

Here's a pair of BLF A6 Special Edition flashlights, flanking a ZebraLight SC62w. I just got the short 18350 battery tube for the A6, and now the SC62 is beginning to feel some competition.

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Nice lights with high output and copper.

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This is my favorite light and gets most of the EDC time

EagleTac TX25C2 with the following modifications

Cut down and polished clip and used blue Locktite on the metal ring nut holding the clip so it doesn’t loosen with use as it usually did.
XP-L HI V3 1C from Kaidomain, on 16mm Noctigon copper MPCB, love the tint! I centered it on the reflector with a modified plastic centering ring
Found a slightly bigger and deeper smooth reflector than the stock one on Kaidomain that gives it a slightly tighter hotspot for more throw
Lapped and polished the Base and the copper MPCB and used Artic Silver 5 for better heat transfer to the body of the flashlight
FET 22mm e-switch driver with Moppydrv multi-group firmware, mostly use it on group mode 11
Thicker silicon wires (20ga)
Solder braided the driver spring and also solder braided the tail cap spring to the aluminum tail cap to reduce resistance
I only run it on either a NCR18650GA or LG18650MJ1 3500mah batteries for added runtime

I definetly love this light!

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Can’t help but to show my collection of lights given by a member here (djozz) (thanks again Big Smile )

about 90% of his unused lights were my weekly lights that I use now. Smile

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What if I don’t have a camera? – I have 32 lights (4 are Olight), but no way to show you.

Yeah, I know that’s it’s on the Smart Phones too, but I don’t have (or even want) one of them either. – I Hate being bothered by phones, though I do have a magicJack just for my ‘family’ – VOIP.


I guess that I’m just too old and stuck in my ways to enter, but really think that the new S2 is cool!

So – Thanks anyway,

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My lights: JetBeam WL-S1, Thorefire PF04, Lumapower Avenger RX (2 AAA configuration) and BLF A6 SE

Each is used in a specific setting and performs amazingly. The JetBeam is my favorite because of the amazing range of battery types it can take with no additional tubes.

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My newer collection. I personally prefer single 18650 or 14500 form factor over big lights.


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knives. Another favorite is EDC is my S15 Baton Titanium which unfortunately I had to send in for no hassle warranty repairs.

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currently my favourite edc flashlight Party

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I bought this from Sam’s before finding flashoholic support online, it was all tan paint with yellow accents. The threads were glued so the paint got damaged on the battery tube. The missing paint on the tail cap came off with the masking tape. The gunmetal grey is Solid Film Lubricant, a molybdenum epoxy in aerosol format that can be used to coat aluminum firearm receivers when the ano has worn off. So I thought it might work on the bare Al of a flashlight.
 photo 20151121_054236.jpg
The driver has been replaced with a FET+7135 the emitter is dedomed XP-L V6 3D and it has C8 style reflector. Under the ridged collar is a usb port that can be used to charge a portable device or charge the proprietary 18650. I kind of have an idea for making it work with any 18650 but it might take some tweaking. As it is now the charging feature charges the cell reliably to 4.16v and outputs 5v @ 1A. The screw down collar actually sucks heat out of the body pretty well after I cleaned the threads and put a bit of thermal compound on them. It runs fairly cool on high and competes with any others of the same class for brightness and throw with an IMR. It’s not my favorite but I’ve grown kind of attached to it and can see having it for years. I might even just remove the gimmicky usb cca and just add more brass under the driver.

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