AA/AAA Charging Board or Single Battery Charger?

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AA/AAA Charging Board or Single Battery Charger?

I like the 4056 charging boards for li ion, are there any for AA or AAA batteries?

I have single or 3 aa/AAA lights, hard to get it even for a regular charger. I guess I could try to run down a 3 and single. Any good single AA/AAA chargers?

FWIW just ordered this:


200ma seems slow, though

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to correctly determine end of charge for NiMH it is needed to detect slowdown of voltage rise or small drop, typically 5-10mV.
To detect this drop/slowdown – current must be high enough. 200mA is definitely not enough for an AA, and most likely not enough for AAA.

So most likely this one is just a “dumb” charger not detecting end of charge at all, just keeping the battery on trickle charge forever. Or at least until some timer doesn’t expire.

edit: IKEA LADDA is a cheap and good charger, seems to have 4 independent chargers with correct dV/dT algorithm, reviewed by HKJ