Lightest usb powerbank for gps watch

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Lightest usb powerbank for gps watch

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for a usb powerbank to charge my gps watch literally on the run…

My requirements are:

1) minimum true 600mah (watch battery is 300mah)
2) as light and small as possible (every gram counts!)
3) nothing that might blowup in my pocket

thanks for any advice you can offer


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I’d also be interested in single 18650 powerbank small enough to fit in a pocket.

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I’ve had one of these for several years:

I bought four for myself and as gifts and all worked better than the ratings on that page would indicate.

It’s about 78mm x 30mm x 11mm (just measured it) so it disappears into a pocket — weighs about 29 grams. Stopped using it much when I upgraded to a 5s, but the price is better than the newer 800mAh chargers for microUSB and Lightning. This one does both microUSB and the older 30-pin Apple format. Can’t find the spec but if memory serves it was only 400-450mAh.

If you want at least 600mAh, check out the other models — they’re pricier at $25 – 29 but at 800mAh meet your requirements.

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