Xmas & New Year Giveaway For LUMINTOP Copper Worm (Winner Announced Today)

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Thank you! The brass worm was delivered today and I have to say I am impressed by the packaging, weight, finish, and tint. This is my first nichia led and I really like this light. Time to do a little research on others for comparison since I may not have it long. Mom instantly took a liking to it and I know she wants it.

EDIT: Mom is very happy with her new flashlight. She’s 71 and doesn’t often show such a positive reaction to anything. I did get her agree to allow me to use it for review and comparison when I have others available to do so.

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I got my parcel. Lovely flashlight. It will be a great gift for Valentine’s day.
Thank you again for this chance.

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Received mine as well.
Am not seeing too much of it as family squabble over who’s turn it is.
For what I’ve seen, it looks quite nice Smile
Thank you again.