Aootek Portable,Rechargeable Camping/Home use Lantern

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Aootek Portable,Rechargeable Camping/Home use Lantern
I am reviewing for you a new portable LED camping lantern provided by Aootek.
The lamp has buit-in Li-ion battery,which can be charged via special charging dock station,included in the set.

The light comes from a yellow LED,which illuminates through matte,diffused plastic housing.
This ensures nice,pleasant for the eyes wide floody light,suitable for camping,reading,in-house use and many other.
The yellow light is a little uncommon in flashlights and other lighting devices,but is more pleasant for the eyes compared to the cool white light,especially in the dark.
I did not expected good color rendering,but after turning the light on,I found it pretty good for any use.
Looking directly at the lamp,the light seems quite yellow,but looking away at some distance,the light does not annoy at all.

Brightness level can be adjusted via rotating switch,working as a potentiometer.
The light can be adjusted infinitely,with no defined steps.

Max brightness is quite enough for most uses that come in mind. It seems about 100 lumens,but I can't measure it in my setup.The light comes from a very wide surface,that requires a special equipment.
The lowest brightness is quite low. I would like a little lower output for using in full darkness,though.

At the top of the rotating switch is added a button for another switch.It's purpose is to activate the automatic timer function,which shuts down the light after 10 minutes. It could be called a sleep timer.
A nice feature if you use the lamp as a nigh light,before sleeping.

The charger is lightweight,can be transported easily. Can be connected to main power supply.Depending on your country you have to use appropriate adapter.I use US to European adapter.

The Aootek lantern has an intelligent function for auto-starting in case of power outage.Just keep it on the charging dock,connected to the main power supply. Once it detects that the power has shut down,the lantern will activate by itself,not leaving you in full darkness.

The lamp is lightweight as well,which is great if you like to carry it on camping.It will not add much weight to your backpack. The lantern itself(without the dock) weights just 220 grams/7.76 ounces.
There is a thick strap added on the top of the lamp.It can be used for holding the lamp,or for attaching it.

According to the specifications,the battery is Li-Ion with capacity of 1600mAh. Charging it with 500mA should take about 3 hours.But I did not measure the charging current yet,so can't confirm for now.

Here is a full run test on maximum output.
The lantern was set to max brightness and left static to measure the brightness change during the time.This test was after the first charge of the battery,so it is possible to get a little more run time after few more times recharging. The output holds well for about 6 hours.

After using/testing the camping lamp for some time my impressions are only good.It is quite easy and convenient to use it.There is nothing confusing. As I already mentioned,the beam is good.
There is no info about the water resistance.I assume the lantern is not sealed,so it is recommended to keep it dry. This is maybe the only thing that could be improved.
I have nothing more to require from this product.
It worked as expected,without any flaws during the test period.
There is no info about the battery and I can find a way to open the lantern without damaging it.I have to use the lamp for some more time to see how the battery performs after multiple recharges.

Specifications from manufacturer(direct copy/paste):
Sleep Assistance
Adopted with scientific time setting function,will turn off automatically 10 minutes later since set it on,perfect for baby and kids sleeping.

-Emergency Backup & Night Baby Nurse
When you pick it up from the charge seat or your power goes off,then it will light up automatically till 10 minutes later.

-Adjustable brightness
Adjustable brightness by rotate the button as you need.

-Sweet Atmosphere Everywhere
Fashion and high-end appearance with sweet yellow light makes perfect homey atmosphere,ideal for home when you with loved one or in your camping tent when you are on a trip as it's portable.

Low-Carbon,adopted with green energy saving LED,1 kWh for half a year.

Built-in recyclable lithium battery with capacity of 1600MA,can run 3-12 hours with full charge.

Light source:LED
Item Color:Apple White
Light Color:warm yellow
Input Voltage:110-220V
Battery capacity:1600MA
Item Dimension:108x108x162mm

Usually will be full charged within 12 hours,under preserved condition need to charge it once 1-3 month,if disconnect with power the first 1-3 hour will runs on bright condition,3-12 hour will dim gradually,run it on Charge seat for long term which have no affection for battery lifespan.

-What's included
1xLED portable lantern
1xCharge seat

You can check the price on the official Aootek Amazon store-
Not sure if the link is affiliate.
If you are interested in the lantern,Aootek is currently offering a discount code QAR79HP2
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