Streamlight Waypoint Repair Attempt.

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Streamlight Waypoint Repair Attempt.

Buddy brought me a Streamlight Waypoint , handheld spotlight. Runs off 4 C. Has 6 volt input on bottom of pistol grip. I have a feeling he hooked it up to 12volts. The light does nothing. It also had Energizer Recharge Ni-MH in it.

I have it apart. I don’t see anything disconnected , burnt, broke etc etc.

Going to check the switch.

Anyone have any Ideas ???????

Switch is good. LED was burnt, Swapped LED I get just one low mode you can look at with eyes.
The selector switch does nothing. It has 3 positions.

Ok, so now I need to look for a driver. and maybe a better LED. maybe a low—HI—-strobe without memory.

Open to thoughts and suggestions.

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