Nitecore Tube - Youtube Giveaway - High win chance (1 to 20)

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Nitecore Tube - Youtube Giveaway - High win chance (1 to 20)

Hey there guys, I have started a Youtube channel a few months ago, focusing on flashlights and other EDC Gear reviews. My subscriber base has absolutely boomed, so I decided to do a Nitecore Tube giveaway to celebrate it.

Please check my video, and also the DESCRIPTION as well for the details! It’s very important! In this moment there are 8/20 submitee, and I will accept up to ~20.
When all the places are filled, I will write into the video title: “CLOSED”.

Once you guys are on my channel, check out my other videos too, and if you like what I do, I encourage you to subscribe! I have partnership with companies that provide new and nifty flashlights for reviews!

Good luck for the drawing, and I am waiting for the pictures! Smile

Youtube Flashlight Reviewer (EDC Gadgets)

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