Astrolux/BLF Copper A01 BLF Edition CODE NOW PUBLIC. $20 Solid Copper AAA!!!

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Astrolux/BLF Copper A01 BLF Edition CODE NOW PUBLIC. $20 Solid Copper AAA!!!

UPDATE I got the go ahead from Neal to release the code for the BLF Edition. Right now, the Astrolux is still via PM only and feel free to hit me up should you want one of the Astrolux ones instead. PM me for the Astrolux code please. I have no idea how long the supplies will last or if they will continue production after the ones that are currently completed are purchased.

+BLF Edition Link

Code: ReManGA01C

Got all PM’s out, please let me know if I missed you. There are NO PUBLIC CODES for now. Please do not post the codes publicly to keep this group buy going.

Thank you all for your support during this…

Am having some PM issues, so there will be a round of them tonight. Tomorrow 04-14-2016 at 1200 GMT, let me know if you have not gotten a PM…

Code and links sent for the copper group buy. The code will go public later, after all here have had sufficient time to purchase their reserved lights..

Thanks for helping make this a reality.

BLF Edition Engraving will be as below, the other side will be blank (good for if you want to put something there). The NON engraved version will have the BLF Edition engraving replaced by the AstroLux A01 engraving. I will confirm material and report what I am told here, I believe they are all copper, but the pictures do show it looking like brass…

Production proof photos of engraving.

Just to clarify, the lights that are NON engraved, will just have the Astrolux logo engraved as the picture below shows. I am trying to clarify the BLF Edition engraving if it will be in addition to the stock engraving, or replace it… The BLANK lights below were prototypes and as of now all copper lights will have some engraving, the blank light pictures are only prototypes.

Member will34 has been working with Neal and I to come up with a good logo for this little light for the engraving. Here is what it seems will be the engraving on the Copper A01:

The + will be toward the head…

Let me know what you think and with the limited space available on this light, I think it will look sharp…

Another Pic…

Price is set at $20 for the solid copper version. Time is coming to an end to get in on this, it may be available after the fact at Banggood, but not at this price.


So who would be interested in some simple engraving on the copper light?

Something like this:


This is a classy little light, so I do not want too much, but I think the BLF engraving would be a nice addition….

Let me know in this thread…

New Copper pics…



UPDATE #4 New colors should be arriving the first week of March, so stay tuned. Looks like the original attachment point is staying for now as well, it is more than sufficient with the split ring they provide…


First picture of the Orange and Green colors, the Red and Blue should be the same as the Convoy tubes Manker did…. But I will confirm.

By the way, Neal is a mind reader, I had not gotten a hold of him due to me being so busy and was going to do this request today….

UPDATE #2 Neal was impressed with how many signed up already. He gave a code for the stock colored lights of Black, Silver and Purple. As noted, it is not much, but if you want a stock color, now you have a code.


As information on the new colors comes available, I will post it. If you get a stock color and want off the list, PM me and I will update the list.

UPDATE #1 As some have noted, this GB is not THAT much cheaper than the light as it is listed now. The light that is listed with the coupon BLF at Banggood HERE Is a GREAT deal if you want one of these stock colors. They may have priced these a bit low and they may go up some in the future, but do not quote me… So get them if you want one of these colors.

The other thing in this group buy is the NEW colors of Red, Blue and Orange. The possibility of Green was also floated, but that one is not fixed, the others seem to be good. I also spoke to Neal about one more modification on the light. The attachment point on the tail being changed to a larger, oval hole and the sides being pared down to be more like a shackle attachment point.

Like the one on the KD Buckle below, but contoured to follow the current end of the A01/Manker Boney

My crude rendering of the proposed mod to the attachment point. This is not really a tailstander as it is and more of a keychain light, so this is what I came up with…
Side view———————————————Hole view (hole in red)

I hope this makes sense, and it will be smoother in real life, this is just some crude picture butchering.

To manage expectations, lets shoot for after the Chinese New Year for the colors and modded tail section, I think they will be worth the wait. I will post pics as soon as I get them of any colors or the modded tail.

Blew past 100 in the first day! Thanks for the support!

Starting the list for a minimum of 100 for this group buy. The price will be $8.99 when we meet the minimum. The review is HERE on this light and I am talking to Neal about new colors as well as the stock ones.

This is a bang-up little keychain light, perfect for not only a flashaholic, but your non-flashaholic friends and family too. AAA is everywhere and the light compliments other AAA BLF lights like the BLF 348 perfectly on your shelf, or in your pocket.

The stock colors are Black, Silver and Purple right now.

New colors that we are going to see if we can get are Blue, Red and Orange, not guaranteed yet, but should know in a little while.

I told Neal the red and blue like the Convoy S2+ lights have and for the orange, I sent him the pic below. It seemed to be the brightest orange anodizing I could find. (not the A01 obviously, just for color)

Also, after the X6/K5 group buy is done and definitely after the Chinese New Year, I am told a solid copper model will be made. This is a ways off, but I am starting the list now. Price right now for the solid copper would be $20. Same Guts and modes as the Aluminum one, but a copper body. The copper will be non protected right now, so it will age and patina (raw copper). More on this later.

Put the number you want, along with the color for the Aluminum ones.

If you want a copper one, no guarantees yet on it, and it will be next month sometime before we find out, let me know too. In the meantime, buy an aluminum one to tide you over…

Bold wants Engraved BLF

0. Wrathbringer27
1. onchiman
2. akhyar
3. ReacherShoots
4. Haterade
5. write2dgray
6. Muto
7. bugsy36
8. bugsy36 #2
9. unknown00101
10. KawiBoy1428
11. Dregs
12. mikeyx
13. 1dash1
14. Gunga
15. bugsy
16. wedlpine
17. wedlpine #2
18. tas69
19. peaceandmelons
20. EyeballFryer
21. NaQwanda
22. will34
23. will34 #2
24. radioshaq
25. g_sintornillos
26. g_sintornillos #2
27. Captainvideo
28. zara
29. Henk4U2
30. sesgum
31. timbo114
32. timbo114 #2
33. Dwantink
34. lampyris
35. Charga
36. Noctiluco
37. TeTe
38. kineticwash
39. kineticwash #2
40. lieber Scholli
41. regaia
42. Sprinkles
43. Slim Pickens
44. strongest2004
45. JPM3
46. JPM3 #2
47. Ivanmm77
48. devman
49. dulber
50. bugsy #2
51. DBSS
52. DBSS #2
53. PPDB22
54. SixM
55. fonfan
56. Mr.Big
57. Mr.Big #2
58. Phosphor22
59. Phosphor22 #2
60. maukka
61. stephenk
62. altblf
63. maukka #2
64. Torre246
65. jon_slider
66. Flummi
67. hmihaylov
68. mcbrat
69. SciFiFreak
70. Cyberescudo
71. emarkd
72. Ger-slash
73. RobertB.#1
74. RobertB #2
75. Easyrr
76. qandeel
77. leroycp
78. leroycp
79. SDA
80. vamper
81. Matchoo
82. Chicken Drumstick
83. KutKhemist
84. mikeyx
85. Gavstein
86. mattlward
87. Mstevens113
88. jealous57
89. vjik
90. RotorHead64
91. RotorHead64 #2
92. Aardvark Spleen
93. Jesjes
94. zoom zoom
95. Abqjohnny
96. tebeve
97. NightSpy
98. Epsilon748
100. hcri
101. HighCaliber
102. 99-sts
103. FluxinBright
104. FluxinBright #2
105. keengeorge
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107. keengeorge #3
108. keengeorge #4
109. write2dgray
110. MiG0
111. turkeylord
112. Stephen_m64
113. Stephen_m64 #2
114. 2Ace
115. tarver
116. marsalla
117. Mobileschoney
118. keengeorge #5
119. keengeorge #6
120. keengeorge #7
121. keengeorge #8
122. keengeorge #9
123. carmantl
124. RobertB
125. Paul321
126. Crazyeddie
127. patmurris
128. T18
129. T18 #2
130. Lund1660
131. Lund1660 #2
132. Lund1660 #3
133. Lund1660 #4
134. clagged
135. fonfan #2
136. dthoang
137. LEDtec
138. WalkIntoTheLight
139. jack83
140. WolfA
141. kelsey
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143. robbobus
144. mattlward #2
145. mattlward #3
146. lampyris
147. Radiophile
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149. muellihenry
150. bigpix
152. tekwyzrd
152. punkaccountant
153. Cayenne
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155. vulpes
156. MaxBeam
157. MaxBeam
158. leroycp #3
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160. sandalian
161. A380
162. gravelmonkey
163. gungoat
164. massimo.maronen
165. qandeel #2
166. Techno
167. Stephen_m64
168. Bluzie
169. Brian Metcalfe
170. HighCaliber
171. Mr.Big #3
172. Mr.Big #4
173. Mr.Big #5
174. Intruderdriver
175. Phosphor22 #3
176. Phosphor22 #4
177. xeonsaga88
178. Angel Martínez
179. timbo114
180. Ewen
181. Enelooper
182. RobertB #2
183. tragacuerdas
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185. lampyris #2
186. jacktheclipper
187. apocalypse
188. Joat
189. Dwantink
190. Nite Shadow
191. Nite Shadow
192. uqs1000
193. Radiophile
194. Radiophile
195. Radiophile
196. scrumpypaul
197. g_sintornillos
198. DrDevil
199. Kafar
200. scdaf
201. everydaysurvivalgear
202. everydaysurvivalgear
203. MaxBeam #3
204. MaxBeam #4
205. MaxBeam #5
206. MaxBeam #6
207. MaxBeam #7
208. MaxBeam #8
209. MaxBeam #9
210. MaxBeam #10
211. MiG0 #2
212. Tooreal
213. Tooreal
214. Xoden
215. Calmaja
216. ykb
217. MG
218. MG
219. cypherz
220. cypherz
221. roll_tide
222. compression
223. alphazeta
224. Keepitsharp
225. kommessy
226. The Miller
227. troisanh
228. Radiophile
229. Radiophile
230. Radiophile
231. Radiophile
232. Radiophile
233. staticx57
234. somnambulism
235. Fritz t. Cat
236. xevious
237. xevious
238. Kodachrome40
239. Kodachrome40

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I’ll take 2 aluminum
1 Copper

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2 aluminium – blue and red if available
1 copper – if materialize

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Posts: 62

2 aluminium – Silver and red if available.
1 copper – if possible

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2 Orange if available, otherwise 2 Black, please!

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I’m in for 5
1 blk
1 Orange
2 blue
1 silver

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In for 2 alum, Purple & Blue

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In for at least one copper (I ended up buying 3 Tools)

I like copper

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I’d be in for a copper.

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3 Aluminum – 1 Blue and 2 Orange if available
1 copper

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3 aluminum and 2 Copper

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1 Blue, 1 red, 1 silver, and 1 copper Please.

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I’ll take a silver

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Copper please!

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This will put the Boney on my keychain on early retirement.

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4 total

1 Copper
1 Black
1 Orange
1 Purple

I may decide to get more later, green would be nice as well.

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Any chance price goes down any more if we blow past the minimum?

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Put me down for 1 copper.


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1 chrome and 1 copper. Hey how come I’m not 1st on the list for copper?????

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One Black, Please.


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Please put me in for 1 purple and 1 copper, please.

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Location: USA

2 Silver, please.

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2 aluminum (blue, silver) one copper.

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This group buy is to save $1? In for copper.

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Dregs wrote:
Any chance price goes down any more if we blow past the minimum?

No, they made it clear with the 219B that they were at minimums for this light. Now if we pass 1000, ask again, I know I will.. :bigsmile:

bugsy wrote:
This group buy is to save $1? In for copper.

Yes, but the price of the A01 is going to be higher soon…. A dollar is a dollar though…

Wrathbringer27 wrote:
1 chrome and 1 copper. Hey how come I’m not 1st on the list for copper?????

Gotcha fixed… You are now the Nexus Wink I totally forgot you asked about copper in the review thread, I guess we are both thinking the same way… GRIN

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Location: Vancouver Island

orange preferred

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Location: Sac,CA

This is moving along nicely and I’m gonna save $5 for 2 gallons of fuel for my truck :bigsmile:

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I need my first safety orange, S.E.R.E. kit light.

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brad wrote:
I need my first safety orange, S.E.R.E. kit light.

Raw copper has antibacterial properties… good for a S.E.R.E kit light too… No need to pack soap, just rub it and rub it… Wink

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Im in for 2 Copper
Im not sure how this works
Am I now on the list?
Will I get a pm when to pay?

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The other half wants

1 Purple please Smile

Cheers David

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