EA41 blue indicator light flashes while in turbo - anyone else confirm?

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EA41 blue indicator light flashes while in turbo - anyone else confirm?

I noticed something new today while using my Nitecore EA41. It’s the before 2015 version topping out at 960 lumens. While it’s on turbo, the blue indicator under the buttons flashes. I thought at first, it was the flashlight’s way of saying it’s about to run out of juice, but when I turn it off and hit the mode button to check the general voltage reading, it still flashes 3 times, meaning it’s around full charge. Can anyone else confirm this happening to their EA41?

- edit – Sorry folks. I guess it really is an indicator for reaching 50%. I guess that’s the downside for a general voltmeter.

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Actually, the three flashes on battery test tell you that you have 'at least' 50% capacity left.

The fast flashing while running means, basically, 'you're killing me here'. Usually it occurs under high drain after the cells have moved away from a full charge. That is why you can get the fast flash and still have over 50% left when you check. At least, that is when it usually happens to me. It will also occur when you are close to reaching that 10% mark. I really do miss having a real volt meter available, like the EA4 had.

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+1 to Lonelydad comments,

Just to add another possibility , it could also be a sign of high internal resistance of a nimh cell or as you did not reveal what type of cells you are using , alkaline cells will struggle to power your light in turbo for to long.

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i noticed mine doing that the other day when i was out fishing.

I am sure it is because the cells where drained not empty but maybe a little less then half way used!

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I noticed the blue blinking in turbo with freshly charged nimh.

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