REVIEW: Nitecore MT40GT (XP-L Hi V3 , 2x18650)

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REVIEW: Nitecore MT40GT (XP-L Hi V3 , 2x18650)

(i am not so good to write in english, i am surely making a lot of grammar error, so please be compliant with me. I accept suggestions and corrections if you wanna point me where i wrote a “strange phrase” and suggest me the correct way to express myself in the english language)

First impressions:
Shipped from: GearBest

This is one of the latest creature built by NITECORE which is part if the new “GT” series.
This range of flashlight use the latest CREE led XP-L hi V3 , a dedomed led built directly by factories. (no more manual dedome for us!!)
This led is the cause nitecore released an updated MT40, and here you can notice 2 big improvements:
1- 1000 lumens over 960 of the MT40
2- 95400cd peak beam intensity over 46000cd of the MT40

The overall size is something among a “small” and a “big” torch… and i really like it.
The head is the only one “big” thing you can notice, although the rest of the body is thin like a regular “cigar” 18650 flashlight, i compared with my thrunite TN12 2014 or Nitecore EC11 and diameter is the same.
So it’s easy to handle the same way you do with every other “cigar” shape flashlight, a nice PRO imho.

Modes and estimated lumens:
Switch type: MECHANICAL
There are “ 6 ” modes in the following order: Hi – med – low – sos – strobo (turbo explained)

BUT there’s a special twisty switch system used to choose 2 fast modes, when you completely screw the body tube into the “head” you are in TURBO mode, and the back switch is only an ON/OFF button. When you slightly UNscrew the head…you have the user defined mode ( that can be hi, med, low, sos, strobo).
So, in the “unscrewed head” mode you have the CLASSIC rear clicky switch, that you can slighly press to change the next mode, but everytime you completely SCREW the head there’s the direct turbo mode.

My estimated lumens are 1000

>>>LIGHT >>> The angle of refraction:

Weight and dimensions measurements (made myself, not by specs):
This flashlight weighs precisely 244,3 gr
Height 22,2 cm
Diameter 2,5 cm
Head diameter 5 cm

Construction quality:
As you would expect from a nitecore product, the quality of this unit isn’t an exception.
The lettering is very precise and i can’t see any damaged or low quality assembled part, the rear switch is really precise.
Also the knurling is manufactured with nice quality but i noticed that there isn’t an anti-rolling system, so when you place the flashlight on to a flat surface like a table, it can roll over.

THIS IS A THROWER!! the beam profile allow you to illuminate long distances thanks to a small spot, but a quite usable spill is still present and you’re able to walk by night and see where you put your feet. Obviously it’s not a perfect flashlight to use in low range spaces!
I compared the max beam distance with my Courui D01 and ….. it’s quite comparable ( the nitecore has more range!)
This is a nice outcome for a such small diameter head flashlight!

Lanyard hole: PRESENT (two)

Threads came FULLY GREASED and this is a good point.

Led Tint, reflector and lense:
The led is well centered and its tint is pure white, tending to warm at my eyes.
Reflector made of: SMOOTHALUMINUM
Lense made of: GLASS with anti-reflective coating

Outside beamshot at 25 meters, only at FULL power (same place for all my reviews)
Wall beamshot at 250 centimeters, from lower to higher power (same place for all my reviews)

Ceiling bounce test with LUXmeter:

- throws beam far away
- one of the smallest “thrower” available
- uses the new xp-l Hi led
- special “twisty” turbo mode

- no anti-rolling system on flat surface

Final thoughts and why you should buy it:

If you are searching for a flashlight to illuminate long distances but you are afraid to carry with you a massive flashlight… this is the suitable flashlight for you.
You could (for example) use the user-defined mode Strobo + turbo mode and walk around a woodland during night using turbo mode and in an instant moment slighly Unscrew the head (very easy) and start the dazzling strobo mode against a potential aggressor!!
And finally, the price for this little piece of future isn’t so much high for all this you’re buying Smile

Thanks for reading…..
….and if you notice some bad written phrases, feel free to correct me suggesting the right way to write it!! Smile

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Thanks for the nice review! Wishing for outdoor beamshots.

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Very nice review, thank you