Serious problem with XML2 current. Is this happening to you???

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I did try that but am not using them…

There was no need for that imho with old xp-g2 s4 2b cause it had perfect tint and I refuse to use this method on new G2 S4 2B simply because it has crappy performance so tint shift to cooler one can’t change the fact it will still throw like crab.

If you want to experiment led seal(RMM) or judikins diamond glaze(Vinz) should work. If you’ll do that “the less is more rule should be applied” and watch out that dd emitter surface is ass clean and dry ass possible.

Or you can buy from RMM

RMM wrote:

Reposted here from my sales thread.  


OK, here are the results:

“Old” XP-G2

3.87 vF 3.9A</p> <p>"New" XP-G2</p> <p>3.78v vF 3.9A

I tested two samples of each, and they are both within 0.1v of each other. I see that much variation or more from different emitters from the same piece of tape.  I also only tested at 3.9A, so things may be much different at higher of lower amps.

I am not kidding when I say that this does not look green to me.  It really doesn’t.  The bare LED doesn’t, and I put a lens up to it and shined it on the wall and it doesn’t look green.  I asked Lisa and a friend that is here today if they thought one looked different than the other (not knowing which one was the new or old) and they couldn’t really tell.  

Here is a macro shot of the new and old (note that there is some perspective shift):



Even despite the perspective shift (there is some) you can tell that the die size is slightly different.  

So, for the small sample size (only 2 emitters from 2 batches):

  • Green hulk dedome:  BUSTED
  • Higher vF:  BUSTED
  • Bigger die size:  VERIFIED
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I haven’t purchased any Cree emitters in a long time. I have some old “T6” emitters that I dedomed a ways back that turned awful green. Wouldn’t mind trying to rehab them if it isn’t expensive. Thanks for the fast response Li. Smile

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Any more real life test from members on XM-L2 U4 and others? Are you happy with latest orders from your favorite stores?

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I’m still getting about the same. I pretty much resigned to the fact that this is how its going to be. Thus the rating of my triple XML2 bulbs being 2,000 lumen. If we were still getting the low vf emitters from the good ol’ days I can’t help but think that number would be 3K. On the “bright side” run times and efficiency are up. If XPG3 is any indication of what XML3 will be we might get lucky and have super low VFs again some day…

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