Video review of the NEW version Thorfire PF04 Flashlight + beam shots

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Video review of the NEW version Thorfire PF04 Flashlight + beam shots



Here is a video review of the Thorfire PF04 2AAA flashlight. There are also a couple photos of the light and beam shots.


Low mode shown above, moonlight is only 1 lumen. I can't photograph moonlight mode.



High mode



Compared to a Maglite 2AAA LED light


Same thing with a different shutter speed, to see the beam patterns better.


The Maglite looks bright only because it has such a tight beam compared to the PF04. The PF04 in reality, is much brighter, but of course, the Maglite throws farther.

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Thanks OL. Looks like a nice little light. One thing I'd like to see changed is the lack of fine filings under the finger nails. Smile


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