Protected 18350: Will they fit in BLF A6 or Convoy S2+?

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Protected 18350: Will they fit in BLF A6 or Convoy S2+?

I have the BLF A6 and the AstroLux S1, each with the 18350 tube. I’ve also ordered the Convoy S2+ 18350. And I plan to order the red and blue AstroLux S1 18350. I want to use these protected KeepPower 18350, but I’ve seen a couple of people say that protected 18350s won’t fit in these flashlights.

Can anyone definitively confirm that protected 18350s will NOT fit in these lights? Is my only alternative to get an unprotected 18350, or to use a protected 16340?

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Funny you should ask. I just put the 18350 tube on my Astrolux S1 and installed the exact Keeppower cell you have linked. It works fine; the only thing is I noticed I have to make sure it is really tightened down to make contact.

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