C8 basics quick questions

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C8 basics quick questions

From what I see, most C8s take a 20mm mcpcb and 17mm driver. Is that how they all are? I’m looking at several to buy and just use as hosts but can’t find specs on. And will aFET driver work with most of the popular 3v LEDs? I know an xpl and xpl hi can handle direct drive, but what about xml2’s or xpg2’s in particular. If you own a soldering iron it seems practical to build your own smaller style 1×18650 lights yourself to suit your wants.


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I can’t say with any authority that all C8s are 20mm mcpcb and 17mm driver, but every one I’ve ever built used that combo. The minute you start assuming anything about Chinese manufacturing, however, is the minute you get burned. I’m sure you can find some Chinese knock-off C8 that’s out of spec, but most of them are going to be 20 and 17.

XM-L2 and XP-G2 can handle FET power as long as you’ve got good heat management. DTP copper boards well bonded with hosts that use good thermal paths are going to be required for the sort of build you’re considering. Heat is the enemy. Build carefully, pay attention and your emitters will serve you well.

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Your sizes are good generalizations… I have seen some that take 16mm mcpcb’s. All of the standard XM-L’s, XP-G’s and XP-L’s will happily take a FET driver. Build away, the C8 is a very good platform to learn on and they make a good medium distance thrower or big flooder with some throw depending upon reflector and LED selection. They really do work well with a de-domed XM-L2 or XP-G2 if you want a lot of throw in a tiny package.

I have moved to X6’s for most of my C8 type builds. It is a personal thing, I like the feel, look and beam just a little better from the X6. All of my gun lights are still C8’s. I like to be able to reconfigure a light with a pill change and maybe reflector change depending upon prey and distance.

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