Road Rage Victim use a 'light weapon'

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Road Rage Victim use a 'light weapon'

At about 3:30 in

Pity we don’t see his flashlight, but it certainly did the job.

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I think it’s just a pepper spray…and by “light” he means “not heavy” ?

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Or laser maybe?

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I think every one of those idiots should be pepper sprayed.

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ugh, I didn’t watch much. The first guy deserved to have his arms broken for all I care.

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Light weapon? So DARPA did manage to replicate lightsabers? Nice

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There must be something wrong with me, because when I see a video like that I am still amazed at how stupid some people are.

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Must be a laser dazzler weapon because flashlights can’t be effective in daylight scenario.

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cabfrank wrote:
There must be something wrong with me, because

Nah, there is something wrong with them.