Convoy L2 mods help

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Convoy L2 mods help

anybody want to offer dedome options for this light\:

possibly elevate the amps to the emitter options.
Is there people on the site that do this for a fee?

light addict....yeah I've got the bug.

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It will be rather difficult to dedome the one you linked to, as that is the XPL HI, it comes factory dedomed from Cree Wink

CREE XPL HI V2-1A (cool white), XPL HI U4-4B (white), XM-L2 T6-4C (neutral white) and XM-L2 U2-1A (cool white) are available”

The XM-L2 is of course possible to dedome though, maybe try contacting Richard at ? I know he got a bunch of L2:s in crap condition, but Simon at Convoy should hopefully be fixing that soon enough.