Ultrafire A10 XML swap

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Ultrafire A10 XML swap

Just an FYI for those looking for a host to mod. Just got 2 of these http://www.dealextreme.com/p/ultrafire-a10-ha-iii-cree-q5-wc-ha-iii-220-... to play with and modded one with a 1C tint T6 xml.   On alkalines they both pulled 2200 to 2300 MA at the tail, but on a 14500 IMR one pulled 2.1 amps and the other 1.47 amps. Do not know why as the drivers look the same, but the one that pulled 2 amps was brighter in a side by side comparison.   Suspect the difference may be the vf of the emitters and not the drivers.  Took the one that pulled over 2 amps and replaced the XRE with an XML.   Light now pulls 2.9 amps and is super bright.  This mod is very easy and uses the stock driver, and after coating the threads of the pill with Arctic Silver transfers heat very well.   The XML centers very nice in the stock reflector and gives a nice fat hotspot.   Now we will see if the stock driver holds up.