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Aliexpress/Convoy shop

I ordered some deep carry clips from the Convoy shop on Aliexpress on 7th Feb.
They were despatched on 14th Feb, great.
24 days later they are still showing as have not departed from original country !
So Simon has despatched them but 31 days after my order & they are still in China somewhere.
Considering the ad states “Estimated Delivery Time: 39-60 days (ships out within 7 business days)” I can“t see that I will be having them within the 60 days.


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The Miller
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Check the time you have left for purchase protection.
I ask where it is when the warning mail comes (5 days before end)

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My tracking wasn’t working either, but Simon assured me that it was on it’s way and it was. Around 3 week’s to the UK.

It should be with you any time soon I would think.

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For me, tracking doesn’t work for any order, no matter if China Shipping, Singapur, Netherlands…
Only DHL and other premium-services work properly.

Don’t be upset, your package is on it’s way Smile

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Tracking has never worked me either and my packages have also always showed up.

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A little late now, but if you pay the ~$1.70 for epacket shipping it comes in about 2 weeks and has working tracking all the way. At least, it does to the US.

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I never had any problems, but bought the epacket… I did notice on my last order that there was a several week difference between shipping times. every time the tracking took a while to start showing activity… but all orders arrived when they said they would. also remember that sometimes just like in the US, you get a
shipment notification that was sent when they created the
label … also simon was shut down for a while during relocation. I would send him an email. he has always been a stand up guy IMO

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Ordering around CNY has always been problematic. Everything shut down at least a week – that’s how much stuff piles up when the holiday ends.

This pattern has always been true for the last few years, the post start delivering the top pile first, leaving the bottom pile last. So I think your stuff is simply at the bottom pile.