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Review: Nitecore MH20GT

In the past months, Nitecore surprised us several times by launching GT-versions of their lights. Characteristic for the GT-series is the impressive throw, thanks to the flat XP-L HI led. The latest member of the GT-series is the MH20GT. The specifications of this torch (especially the maximum distance) are promising! In this review I’ll show you this light, also compared to the MH20-brother. So, let’s kick off!

The MH20GT isn’t completely new for me because I reviewed the MH20 before. Both light and parts are almost equal, but the main difference is the light’s head. To create better throw out of the XP-L HI V3, the MH20GT got a bigger head and deeper reflector. The pictures further on in this review will show you the differences!

The MH20GT is still one of the most compact rechargeable-lights in its class. It has a rather big head, but overall nice proportions, and personally, I like the looks of this torch. Thanks to the little “aggressive” design the MH20GT is comfortable to handle and won’t easily slip out of your hand. It is a well-machined and finished light; I couldn’t detect any defects at the anodizing. Maybe, for flashaholics, the prints at the light should be aligned to the switch and the usb-port at the lights head…The switch (that is one-for-all) is hidden in a notch, and therefore easy to distinguish relative to the usb-port that’s at the other side of the lights’ head. It’s also better protected against accidentally-on. The MH20GT has stable tailstand and one of the best anti-rolling design I’ve seen before. The engraving is done sufficiently. The MH20GT has a smooth reflector without defects, and a perfectly centered XP-L HI V3 led. The deep pocket clip is not the strongest I met, but does what it’s made for and can be clipped-on at two ways. The rubber cover that protects the usb-port against water and dust needs a firm press to close. Please check carefully when closed to ensure water resistance. Sometimes, when no closed the right way, the cover will “pop out”.The threads run smooth and are lubed well (like most Nitecores). Inside the tube, the head and the tailcap. I couldn’t find any shortcomings. So, all in all, I can tell you the MH20GT is very good built and finished and hasn’t (for me) obvious shortcomings. Please scroll down to have a look at a bunch of impression and comparison pictures!

Full review here:

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Nice review, thanks.

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Is there a comparison,between the MH20GT vs the P12GT?I have the second one,so I want to know.

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Thanks Thor. They are nice comparison shots. I like them both but dont have either.


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Theodore41 wrote:
Is there a comparison,between the MH20GT vs the P12GT?I have the second one,so I want to know.

i would also like to know a comparison review between the two mentioned flashlights by nitecore.. which one is preferred for daily/EDC carry in an urban setting. thank you!

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igeigeige wrote:
Theodore41 wrote:
Is there a comparison,between the MH20GT vs the P12GT?I have the second one,so I want to know.
i would also like to know a comparison review between the two mentioned flashlights by nitecore.. which one is preferred for daily/EDC carry in an urban setting. thank you!

Both flashlights delivered today and were compared head-to-head this evening. I was surprised by the differences given they use the same XP-L Hi V3 emitter.


First impressions:

P12GT has amazing throw for such a tiny reflector but seems fairly long even for the 1x 18650 battery format. Feels great in the hand and has good mode spacing (55->280->1000; ~quadrupling lumens between modes = doubled perceived brightness). I like the simplicity of the UI while not losing important nitecore features like a battery voltage readout.


MH20GT also has amazing throw for its small reflector and spanks the P12GT in beam distance. In wide open spaces it's not even close throw-wise. MH20GT on high 410 lumens seems to throw as well as P12GT on high 1000 lumens. MH20GT has fancier UI with direct access to moonlight and turbo, which the P12GT lacks. It also squeezes a usb charging circuit in its smaller package which could be a great benefit.


Overall, MH20GT seems to justify its higher market price as an upgrade beyond the P12GT. Still, I'm left with the impression that the P12GT is a sturdier light, although both have the same rating for impact resistance.

 P12GT has tactical features like the tail clicky and strobe memory which may appeal to a certain use which MH20GT can't match, but for general night walks I will probably grab the MH20GT.

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Personally I like cylinder flashlights better, with no head, so the P12GT is the one for me Smile
Too bad I don’t own one. Maybe some day!

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Hello, I am looking to buy two of these for my elderly parents. Can anyone who owns the MH20GT tell me if there is a low battery warning light that flashes? I have read there is nothing to let you know the battery is getting low, but I have also read the blue light will flash once every 2 seconds when the battery gets to 50% and then increase faster as the battery drains more. Just trying to figure out which is correct. I understand you can get the battery voltage reading by loosening and tightening the tail cap which is awesome, but the low battery warning light is a must have for my parents as they will have no clue what the battery voltage reading even means. Smile

I have the Soonfire NS17 MH20 clone that cost $34 with a 3400 mah battery included and it has a red light that lights up when the battery needs to be charged so I was hoping a $100 light would have a similar feature.

Thank You.

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I love this one. It might be my favorite light. However, even out in the deep woods the throw is almost too much. For your grandparents, they may be better served with the non GT (GT stands for “Greater Throw” version. In fact, the Convoy S2 and BLF hmmm, ###whatever, are both great lights at a large discount to the Nitecore light.

Quote: “MH20GT also has amazing throw for its small reflector” Bamm, and if you are out in the woods and can make it back to your vehicle, a mini USB will charge it! Woot!