REVIEW: Odepro B58U 2nd Gen. (XM-L2 U4 , 1x18650)

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REVIEW: Odepro B58U 2nd Gen. (XM-L2 U4 , 1x18650)

First impressions:
Shipped from: Odepro for review purpose

This is the first time i can test the quality of a flashlight produced by odepro, a relatively new brand for online flashlight business.

At first glance it arrived well packed, with none external figures or specification on the cardbox, but the flashlight was protected by “soft sponge” (see picture) and i found 2 included spare O-rings.
Instructions are not included, but given the simple nature of the flashlight (no hidden features etc…) i don’t think it’s a huge problem, the most important thing is the flashlight and to understand if this not well known brand is producing flashlight of poor or high quality.

One thing that’s impossible not to notice is the really deep aluminum reflector, wide 3,4cm (inner reflecting part, 4,3cm external diameter) and deep 5,8cm, one of the deepest i’ve seen so far.

It arrived with included 18650 of 2400mah and a 18650 charger rated at 1amp with EU plug, it made 2 charging test and it works flawlessly with a final cutting voltage of 4,21v

Modes and estimated lumens:
Switch type: MECHANICAL
There are “ 5 ” modes in the following order:
low – med – high – strobo – sos

My estimated lumens are 850

>>>LIGHT >>> The angle of refraction:

Weight and dimensions measurements (made myself, not by specs):
This flashlight weighs precisely 231 gr
Height 17,7 cm
Diameter 2,6 cm
Head diameter 4,8 cm

Construction quality:
The host’s construction is very solid and i can absolutely affirm it’s one of the best aluminum body ever felt in my hand, it’s built of THICK aluminum… i can compare it to an Uniquefire UF-1405, solid, the flashlight is considerably robust and a little more heavy than a regular flashlight of this dimension.
Speaking about the led copper star, it’s well mounted with visible thermal paste and 2x tightened screws, something you don’t easily see on the most flashlight….
I fully dismounted the flashlight and every part is well machined, nice strict o-rings, everything is greased and i didn’t have to use “too much” force to fully unscrew each part, and it’s a holy graal for each lover of modding, none quick-setting glue was used so in my opinion it’s one of the best flashlight to modify, since you can count on a really thick and durable, well machined host.

The led used is a XM-L2 U4 unit so it should be a lot efficient but i admit it’s a pity they didn’t use a XP-L Hi intensity dedomed, i’m pretty sure that thanks to the REALLY DEEP reflector, this flashlight would have achieved a great results as trhower, with one of the best peak beam intensity in this 1×18650 flashlight range!!
I think next odepro improvements will be about the led, i can’t find other things to change in this flashlight, it’s born as a no frills item if they will implement other features like micro-usb port etc… it may become a fully different product, loosing the primary key to be simple and robust.

The beam spot is quite concentrated and allows a long distance view, idem for the spill it doesn’t spread so much light around, it can be a pro or a con but if you buy this specific flashlight it’s clear you decided to buy a “thrower”, or you need a flahslight to mount on the rifle.
And for this purpose IT IS PERFECT, i noticed they also sell a different led version of this flashlight with 2 kinds of IR led , one at 940nm and the other one at 850nm, so it’s obvious the typical use of this series (B58U) of flashlights, that gives the best on OPEN SPACES and in critical situations where the “tactical” and single one back button is the most important thing to have instead of a bunch of various and additional buttons for dazzling functions…

Lanyard hole: PRESENT (two)

Threads came FULLY GREASED

Led Tint, reflector and lense:
The led is well centered and its tint is cold white
Reflector made of: SMOOTHALUMINUM
Lense made of: GLASS with AR coating

Outside beamshot at 25 meters, only at FULL power (same place for all my reviews)
Wall beamshot at 250 centimeters, from lower to higher power (same place for all my reviews)

Ceiling bounce test with LUXmeter:

- a great thrower with deep reflector
- overall fine build quality (threads, switch…)
- durable and thick aluminum host, one of the best you can find
- came with 2400mah battery and a charger (1amp) with EU plug

- XP-L Hi led would have been the perfect match for this flashlight
- the cold tint might not be loved by some users (but remember it allows greater distances than warm tint)

Final thoughts and why you should buy it:
You can mistreat it… use as a weapon against a person or accidentally drop it everywhere, even under a SUV tyre and i think it would survive thanks to its hardness body, but seriously speaking, it’s a no frills flashlight, a nice thrower to use outdoor or in a night hunting trip in your hand or on a rifle.
If you’re a great modder… you would appreciate its facility to take apart each component, with nice and smooth well machined threads.

Thanks for reading…..
….and if you notice some bad written phrases, feel free to correct me suggesting the right way to write it!! Smile

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Thanks for the review!

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Nice review!

Brinyte,bright your night!


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Thanks for the sharing, this is a great review.

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Thanks for this beautiful review!
Nice looking light!

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Thank you very much for the review. It looks like there is a new candidate to pump up the music.

This is a serious flashlight, so I went looking and I found the German review of Kenjii on Taschenlampen-Forum (TLF).
It seems that there is not a removable pill, but there is a “pill-section” between the head and the tube, like the BLF A6.
Inside this pill Kenjii assumes a 2.8A Nanjg 105c driver, but is it press-fit.

With so much cooling capacity, you can turn this thing into a real retina scorcher.

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Nice review, any pricing or availability on sites yet? Also good to see manufacturers here on the thread talking about changes to the lights!

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Thanks for that nice review.

This flashlight has a lot of potential for modding.

This is a pic of my baked one. 141.000Cd with XPL HI and FET+1 driver