SK68 clone + XM-L EZW: gnarly enough?

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SK68 clone + XM-L EZW: gnarly enough?

Well, I've refrained from an “alu-nano” baseplate I had ordered at FagTech exactly 2 weeks ago (still on back order at least until the 18th), I just had enough. Anyway, I was thinking how could I spend those ¢s and…

Cree XM-L EZW T6-7C 860-Lumen 3000-3200K LED Emitter w/ 16mm Aluminum Base

Old design, EZ900 dies? 80+CRI, I like that!

I like the idea of trying to put this inside an SK68 clone powered by a high-drain li-ion; since it uses a boost driver, I was wondering if it would be capable of outputting the required voltage to drive such an emitter. Sounds a tad crazy, doesn't it? 


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