looking for a new EDC

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looking for a new EDC

i need a light that will work well at the job. i’m working in a pit doing oil changes all day. light will be used for fluid leaks and taillight inspections. all the rest of the guys use streamlights. cant afford nor do i like them.
budget is 30$ for the moment. might can bump it up some.
i like single 18650
pocket clip is preferred
mode memory is a plus as well and so is a fairly bright hi mode
i’ve been looking at the thorfire vg10
anyone have any other thoughts?

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Wouldn’t a headlamp be better?

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No they get in the way. It’s only for initial inspection. Then back in the pocket

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Yeah the Thorfire is a very nice light!.
I just finished the review of the Darktort DTC20 with similar output and beam as the Thorfire.

The brightness is almost the same, the way to operate is totally different.
Th tail click switch of the Thorfire must be pressed OFF On fast to get to the next mode, where the Darktort ha a easy side switch for modes and a tail switch for on and off

The DTC20 is a bit longer and the VG10 is a bit wider.

Weight is roughly the same

The Darktort is better at tailstanding

The clip of the Darktort is muh easier to use, one handed swoosh and it is nicely haning frm the pocket, the clip of the Thorfire is a bit tricky and needs more cae to operate.

With gloves the Darktort would surely be better and easier to use.

Both excellent quality lights
And both within budget.

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Manker U11 is on sale for less than $30 HERE and has a built in USB charger, so it would be super convenient to use as well. It is smaller than the VG 10 and if you have chargers and 18650’s already, just get two of the VG 10’s, they are solid lights as well.

The Convoy C8s (old style, 3A driver) is on Amazon for $16 with the code ZDCXVLDL and is a solid light as well… Plus quick shipping from Amazon…

Eagle Eye X5R is at Gearbest and is just over $20 with built in charging. It has a great clip and being a tube light, slides into the pocket easily…

All of these lights are in my review link below in my signature block.

Good luck and let us know what you end up with…

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For what you are looking for ans as a mechanic…I would recommend:

1. A floody beam…Convoy S2 (cheap and reliable) and…
2. Skilhunt H15 or the H02 (18650) headlamp (small and bright)

A headlamp takes getting accustomed to but once you do you won’t do without. I never thought a headlamp was useful until I joined here.

Both of these will make the Streamlight seem silly expensive and still cost less than half of a Streamlight to get both.

Good luck!

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I got the nitenumen ne1 last week. Nice light for the $. Its like $26 at gearbest.

I’d also second the convoy s2

And also throw out the convoy m2, the thorfire vg10, and the dqg tiny 4th for consideration

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ReManG & Bugsby36 have this nailed down in this price range.
The U11 is an awesome light for the money. The UI takes some getting used to but its comfortable in the hand and should be easy on the pockets as the edges are rounded nicely. You’ll never need half its functions or power.
C8 is great too but not “back in the pocket” small for jeans/khakis but if you’re a mechanic wearing overalls it could work.
Convoy S2 or S2+ are good and cheap in the best sense of the phrase. Add a magnetic ring to the tail and you’ve got an instant portable work light to affix to the car. Tried and true winners.
Can’t speak to the X5R or Skillhunt but both brands seem well regarded.
For $37.50 you could probably score a C8 (ReManG has a really nice one in a group buy going right now) & S2 and be well equipped.

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Read my post number 8 here http://budgetlightforum.com/node/46831
I would say s2+ warm or neutral led and deep carry pocket clip
Can get the light good battery and a single bay charger probably under $35 and have it in a week

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I think over the next couple weeks I’m gonna grab a few of these. Starting with the vg10 and the darktort. Thank you guys. Always with good suggestions Smile

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The nitelumen is 20.00 at Gearbest.

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I would look at the BLF A6 or the Astrolux S1.
Whatever you ended up getting don’t forget to look in the deal section first.

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Lots of excellent suggestions here!

For me, at work I need all the light in about the same range as you, ~3-4 arm-lengths at most. I use a homemade clone of the smaller S5, but I’d like to second all the recommendations of the S2/S2+. If you choose one with a 2.8A driver, you won’t likely need High very often. But when you do, the Streamlight guys will put theirs away!

For the work you describe, any of the S-series-size torches will benefit from one of these 60° TIR Optics by giving you a large, smooth, even-colored wall of light.

If you need the light to reach out farther, this 15° Optic will give you about the same breadth of coverage, but with a little more Throw.

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Good point on the TIR Dimbo! I have converted a couple of my short S2+ to a 60 degree TIR for the wall of light effect in close up use…

Also like the warmer tints myself for up close, but that cam be very subjective…

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I have a Sunwayman C22C and love it, it has a side emitter and I can use it as a headlamp when working on the car and has a magnetic base, here is a review


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I’d also vote for Manker U11 – one of the lights I love most. After that – it appears you don’t need long runtime, so maybe Astrolux S1 or Convoy S2+ running with 18350 tube? It’s my favorite EDC at the moment.