Astrolux s1 pocket clip

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Astrolux s1 pocket clip

So a couple months ago I bought a S1 off Banggood and it’s been great. I use it everyday and love it. A friend of mine has the same light and his pocket clip is a lot thicker metal and way more heavy duty than mine. I’d really like to buy this pocket clip for mine. Does anyone know if I buy the pocket clip off the Banggood website will it be the stronger one or the thinner metal one that I have already. Or does anyone know of another heavier deep carry clip that works? Thanks.

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Hi and welcome Zahmbie. Do you have a link you were referring to on the replacement clip?


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Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been reading on here for a long time, but just joined up.
The first link to the stock one that giorgoskok posted is the one. It’s the one I have but a friend of mine has the heaivier one. It looks exactly the same but the metal is much thicker.

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In that first link there’s another link in the “frequently bought together” stuff just below showing the X6 and X5 clips side by side. Click that link and select the X5 option to see more pics. That may be the one as it looks to be a bit heftier. Also, it’s polished instead of matte grey like the S1 clip.

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I just got 3 of the clips in that bottom link. Put 1 on my S2+ 18350 version. Fits perfect although it is a little weak.

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What screws need to be used for the clip?

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NOAHC wrote:
What screws need to be used for the clip?

The clips in the first and last links don't need screws-

I've bought clips like in the the second link, each clip was in a small plastic bag with #2 screws, #3 nuts, and an Allen Key-